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As the industry grows and processing requirements for business-to-business merchants evolve, you need a partner who can keep you informed and educated on industry updates. One who will help you minimize risk, control expense and navigate the complexities of the payments landscape, so you can achieve your goals and protect your brand.

You need a partner who’ll be your trusted source of information, education, and consultation. You need a partner who understands…

The Landscape

Managing receivables is crucial to any business’s profitability. In order to ensure the viability of your business, you need to improve the payment collection process. And we can help.

We understand the challenges facing business to business merchants today. With the shift to more Purchase Card directed payments, business suppliers are experiencing a substantial financial burden due to inadequate systems and processes. Business-to-business card payment solutions are emerging as the most efficient way to manage corporate payments and receivables.

Buyers are looking for suppliers who can provide them detailed transaction information about their purchases so they can:

  • Better understand purchasing patterns
  • Improve future purchasing performance
  • Meet partner agreements
  • Monitor employee compliance

Suppliers are benefitting from:

  • Increased sales volume
  • Improved cash flow
  • Fewer credit approvals and collection activities
  • Customer acquisition and retention

The Discovery

Payments for business to business services are often more complex than other industries because of the needed data surrounding each transaction. We work with our merchant partners hand in hand to gain deep visibility into their process and clarity around their current and future business needs.

We’ll consult with you on optimal processing solutions that include Level II and Level III data transmission support. Through our strategic partnerships we are able to offer a wide variety of PCI compliant payment options to address the needs of business-to-business merchants.

The Development

We believe that our clients deserve more than a product, they deserve solutions. Vantiv business-to-business solutions brings to the table a number of solutions based on the needs of your business. As a partner, we create solutions that meet the demand and growing business needs of our clients by actively engaging them and promoting a comprehensive payment solution.

Solutions that can help you address:

  • Data Security
  • Integration
  • Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Point of sale or back-office payments
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • Online Bill Pay

The Delivery

Vantiv has the tools, credentials and experience to consult with your business, discover areas for improvement and develop a solution to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts works relentlessly to deliver a smooth conversion and seamless migration to the Vantiv family that exceeds the expectations of our merchant partners.

Backed by a dedicated business-to-business team, we know the challenges you face with the shifting business-to-business landscape. We'll focus on your payment solutions so you can focus on your business.

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