Additional Fraud Services

We offer additional fraud services that can provide multiple layers of protection for both you and your cardholders.

Card Activation

Card Activation requires the cardholder to call a toll-free number to activate the card prior to using it. This prevents live cards from being stolen in the mail and used fraudulently.

Address Verification Service

Our Address Verification Service compares the address or zip code that the merchant sends to our records. Non-matching transactions may be declined to help prevent fraud.

Lost and Stolen Credit Card Support

Lost and Stolen Credit Card Support is provided 24/7/365 to cardholders through our toll-free number. Cardholders can temporarily or permanently block their card, reducing the potential for fraudulent activity.

CVC/CVV Brute Force Protection 

CVC/CVV Brute Force Protection identifies multiple authorization attempts on the same card number with different CVV/CVC values. Recognizing this as a Brute Force Attack, we can automatically block the card to protect your cardholders from fraudulent activity.

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