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Paper is a thing of the past—and so is waiting for important data.  Our back-office management system gives you access to critical information that can help you manage virtually every aspect of your business anytime, anywhere.

  • Access detailed and summary transaction data reporting with a few simple clicks of the mouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Choose from a wide variety of reports—from simple summary snapshots to detailed analytics
  • Receive online notifications of exception items, including draft retrievals and chargebacks


Detailed transaction data reporting helps you manage inquiries and understand purchasing patterns.  Turn numbers into actionable items that change the way you serve your customers.  Direct allows you to:

  • Research transaction history in batches or individual transactions
  • Search by card type, transaction date, amount, time stamp, location, processing method, and more
  • Search specific card BINs for information on the card issuer

Transaction Data Reporting

Direct gives you powerful reconciliation tools that provide a quick snapshot of your account activity.  Choose from a wide variety of daily, weekly, and monthly reports on settlements, chargebacks, and more.  And the best part?  You won’t be buried in a sea of paper!

Our Merchant Summary Dashboard is a single point of access where you can view summary-level data or drill down for more detail reports. You can:

  • View total credit and debit card deposits with breakdowns by card type
  • Access a summary of attempted authorizations and settlement rejects
  • Manage disputed chargebacks and retrievals


Our Virtual Terminal application enables you to perform back-office entries on the fly. The system fully supports card-not-present and business-to-business processing. In Virtual Terminal, you can:

  • Process credit card and gift card transactions (credits and refunds)
  • Perform address verification and CVV2/CVC2 validation for card-not-present transactions
  • Process Level II and Level III data for business-to-business interchange qualification


Because all this valuable data is available online, you gain enhanced control over your business and the data behind-the-scenes.  Even more important, it’s secure because:

  • Direct is triple DES and SSL encrypted in accordance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for information storage.
  • Direct truncates cardholder data for added security and gives you the option to set or change the user access of your employees based on their specific needs, job roles, or responsibilities.

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