Smarter, faster, easier credit card processing services.

Connected consumers are ready to make purchases anytime, anywhere. Your business needs to be ready to accept their credit card payments. From helping businesses integrate points-of-sale, to fueling eCommerce transactions, to activating omni-channel retailing, Vantiv can help. We are your credit card processor connecting you to all that is possible in merchant services.

In-store and online POS solutions.

Just like you, we enable seamless commerce and credit card processing for businesses of all sizes and types. We love (<3) to help businesses grow no matter if they are online eCommerce, in-store, or a combination of both. We can provide the payment processing solutions wherever you’re selling. What size fits you?

SMB: In-store payments.

Credit Card Processing, EMV, Mobile - so many POS choices. Simple payment processing. Fraud and security protection to save your day. All built on the best experience in the business.
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Online payments

Follow the path chosen by some of today’s eCommerce leaders, who once weren’t so big. Take the next step to online credit card processing and payments acceptance.
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Other business types

National retailers, financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, and specialty businesses have been working with us for almost 50 years. Old dog. Leader of new tricks. See yourself in another business story.
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Merchant services to help business grow.

Grow your business with data-driven credit card processor solutions that help you conduct more commerce and get more payments. Improve your business with insights and options not found elsewhere. Secure and assure your business, and your customers, with advanced fraud and protection services designed by big problem solvers.

laptop partners

Payment partners make our world go round.

From independent software vendors, to value added resellers and independent sales organizations; financial  institution referral partners to payment facilitators, sales agents and technology partners. We've got a village to make the credit card processing world go-round.

Vantage Point – Stay up-to-date

The road to smarter, faster, easier, and more secure payments is paved with knowledge. Knowledge is your power. Research and survey results. Know-how articles. Our insights, perspectives and viewpoints join with those of customers, developers and partners to empower. Vantiv’s vantage point is up-to-date on the trends and technological breakthroughs to help you stay ahead of the curve on credit card payment processing services and merchant solutions.

Payments Basics


Charge-up on the language of chargebacks. In-store, online, across channels, chargebacks are a fact of life in commerce. Beef up on the language basics of chargebacks
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Safer Payments

EMV vs. Magnetic Stripe Transaction Flow

Swipe or insert—Mag vs. EMV—learn about these credit card processing methods, and how the deals get done
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Smarter Payments

Card Network Updates

We are committed to working closely with you on staying ahead in payment processing and achieving your business goals.
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New in Payments

Vantiv VIP series launches

Vantiv VIP takes to the streets in a new series that highlights partners, developers, and customers across the payments ecosystem and Vantiv businesses.
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