Inspiring the next generation of technology leaders

TechBright Initiative

At Worldpay, we’re working to inspire the next generation of bright minds to pursue a career in STEM fields, particularly information technology.

Designed to kindle passion and develop the talent of collegiate students, Worldpay’s TechBright program endeavors to increase the number of students - especially women - who are pursuing degrees related to the fast growing technology sector.

It’s a public-private partnership with universities and colleges that reflects an investment in our collective future. 

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Ways we engage and invest in students:

  • Financially assisting colleges and universities launch and support programs designed to recruit women and students with diverse, non-technical backgrounds to pursue technology related degrees.

  • Leveraging the Financial Technology (FinTech) expertise of Worldpay employees to inspire students, including FinTech Bootcamps and technology roundtables on campus.

  • Sponsoring or participating in collegiate hackathons, case studies, or senior projects.
  • Connecting students interested in technology and FinTech to each other on campus and across the country through our developer resource platform:

  • Technology mentorships with Worldpay IT leaders and participation by students in Worldpay’s internship programs. 

Our University Partners 

Worldpay currently partners with five universities providing financial scholarships and other support programs as well as engaging with students on campus through hackathons, mentorships, and educational programs.

  • Miami University – Oxford, OH

    • Worldpay’s generous financial support of Miami University is being shared between the College of Information Systems & Analytics and the College of Computer Science through scholarships

    • Worldpay and Miami University in Oxford, OH, partner in a strong, mutually beneficial Co-Op intern program, immersing students in a FinTech environment and preparing them for future careers.

    • Worldpay employees, which include many Miami alumni, serve as mentors by participating in and leading various events. In addition, Worldpay is a proud sponsor of Data Fest in the Center for Analytics and Data Science.
  • University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH

    • Worldpay’s generous financial support of UC is being shared between the College of Engineering & Applied Science and funds the College of Education, School of Information Technology through scholarships.

    • Worldpay and UC partner in a strong, mutually beneficial Co-Op intern program, immersing students in a FinTech environment and preparing them for future careers.

    • Worldpay employees, which include UC alumni, serve as mentors by participating in and leading various events such as, a UC Women in Technology Information Session, a UC Society of Women Engineers Info Session, Revolution UC Hackathon and the UC IT Expo
  • University of Colorado – Denver, CO

    • Worldpay supported a mentoring program. This innovative initiative will funded graduate mentor fellowships, partnering undergrad computer science students with experienced graduate students. The younger students received ongoing academic support and preparation for future jobs, while the graduate students enhanced their teaching skills in preparation for faculty appointments. Worldpay employees also served as additional mentors providing guidance in professionalism and communication skills.

    • Worldpay employees served on academic advisory boards and have served as judges for CU’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering Senior Design Competition.
  • Northeastern University – Boston, MA

    • Worldpay underwrites two ALIGN Scholarships, benefitting graduate students pursuing an MS in Computer Science ALIGN, a program specifically tailored to students with diverse educational backgrounds.

    • Worldpay sponsors a strong Co-Op intern program with Northeastern’s College of Computer and Information Science and actively recruits on campus.

    • Worldpay employees from our Lowell site participate in hackathons and roundtable discussions to engage with and inspire students.
  • Ft. Lewis College – Durango, CO

    • Worldpay sponsored a computer engineering projects fund to benefit student research and prototyping in the newly launched Computer Engineering degree program.

    • This fund also helped in the establishment of a program where Worldpay’s employees provided experience to students who want to learn more about the payments industry.

Our Developer Platform

Worldpay’s developer resource platform is a space for student to learn how to code for payments, connect with other students, and discover what it takes to build a career in payments. It hosts a monthly “Ask a Recruiter” series in collaboration with HR, as well as a rotating calendar of Worldpay’s college & university career fair events.

Worldpay’s Developer Platform


  • Jacob Brown – Miami University

    “My interest in business is ultimately what drove me to pursue an education and career in technology. Technology and data play enormous roles in all fields today and particularly in business, so I have always been fascinated by how businesses can use technology to their advantage. The TechBright Worldpay Scholarship will enable me to continue pursuing my education for years to come. I hope one day to pursue an MBA at a world-renowned institution; the TechBright Worldpay Scholarship has helped to make this dream a reality.”

  • Kara Leckinger – Miami University

    “I have always enjoyed learning about and using technological systems through personal and educational use. Learning how important technology is in the business world and all the applications that are used today has inspired me. The TechBright Worldpay scholarship will help pay for my education at Miami University. I will be able to continue my course work in Information Systems and Analytics and be able to apply these skills to an internship position in Shanghai this summer.”

  • Alyssa Melendez – Miami University

    “My decision to pursue an education and career in technology is hugely due to my dad and the opportunities he gave me. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Miami University. In the Fall, I will enter my Junior year, which is absolutely crazy for me to think about. I’m halfway through college. Wow. But with the amazing education that college offers, it also offers a pretty significant bill. I have been fortunate to receive scholarships to cover the costs of my education thus far. This generous scholarship from Worldpay will help me continue to learn, develop my technical skills, and prepare to enter the workforce in two years.”

  • Laurel Sexton – Miami University

    “I have known I wanted to be engineer since I was 9 years old. The real decision came when I started college and considered my options. My first semester I was enrolled in a coding class and absolutely loved it. I joined both Girls Who Code and American Computing Machinery for Women(ACM-W). Through my new affiliations, I met so many wonderful women that have really inspired me to continue my passion for software engineering. The Worldpay scholarship will help me in my current academic endeavors but also in networking with other individuals. Being an out of state student it is often challenging to stretch every dollar to be sure that I can remain in my engineering program at Miami University. I look forward to being able to continue my education, my affiliations and to have the opportunity to experience the world of software engineering at Worldpay. Encouraging young women to pursue computer science as well as create a welcoming environment enhances the likelihood others will find their passion in computer science.”

  • Karlie Winhoven – University of Cincinnati

    “I have always been passionate about learning, and I love challenging myself. This is what inspired me to pursue an education and career in Technology. It is a constantly changing field, so I am always learning new things and being challenged. The TechBright Worldpay scholarship is going to help me achieve my personal and professional goals in so many ways. It is not only helping me financially with college, it is motivating to work even harder because I was recognized by an amazing company. I am going to honor the scholarship by making my mark in the world of Technology.”

  • Adele Hardwick – University of Cincinnati

    “I stay inspired in this field because there is so much depth to technology. Technology challenges me to grow as a person and find solutions to problems in the same way that I would play a board game or complete a puzzle. I look forward to my future studies in the classroom and the technology field. I am honored to receive this scholarship and wanted to express my gratitude toward the TechBright Worldpay organization.”

  • Arnold Esguerra – Northeastern University

    “I’m always striving to accomplish more. As I spent my first few years after undergrad working, I constantly saw opportunities where a program could make everyone’s lives easier but lacked the skills to actually implement a solution. The TechBright Worldpay scholarship is enabling me to further accelerate my learning and acquiring new skills. Now, with the time I would’ve spent on funding my education can be used on learning more and building projects outside of the classroom. Currently, in addition to my academic path, I’m teaching myself mobile development.”

  • Chen Chang – Northeastern University

    “Technology can quickly be applied into real products. For me, technology is just like Lego. According to the requirement, I could quickly put what I learned into practice and ‘build’ anything that I want. This process combines logical and creative thinking which fascinate me most, they inspire me to pursue an education in Computer Science. With the TechBright Worldpay scholarship, my financial burden is lightened. I could reduce my part-time work hours and focus more on the learning. This scholarship is a great honor for me. It not only makes my whole family feel proud but also will constantly inspire me in future.”