Welcome to smarter, faster, easier payments from Vantiv.

September 30, 2015 – Today is a great day, here at Vantiv. We’re launching a new website that reflects our evolved brand and introduces our new tagline – smarter/faster/easier payments, which captures our brand promise and how we deliver it to you.

We know that commerce in the digital era is now more than just buying stuff online. It’s also about transforming the systems, processes and culture behind transactions. No one can go it alone in this new era, and that’s something we at Vantiv have always understood. We know that in a world of open innovation, common platforms and high expectations, success is created collectively.

Whether we’re putting our team’s experience to work helping an entrepreneur realize her dream, lending our deep expertise to build our partners’ businesses, or flexing our creativity launching the world’s next great start-up, Vantiv is the workbench for digital commerce. We’re every industry’s destination for newer, easier ways to sell.