Swipe and dip – accept credit cards everywhere

There are almost as many ways to accept credit cards today as there are types of consumers using credit cards. Thinking about payments and credit cards is probably at the bottom of your priorities. However, you can make big mistakes if you don’t think about how to best accept payments for your business. Here’s what to consider.

Opening your business took guts. There’s a lot of you invested in its success. And, there’s so much to consider. Your plan to accept credit cards online, in your store, or with your mobile device is just one of the many details to consider to make success your reality. However payments can see too complex, expensive and, ultimately, too confusing.  Should you be an expert in credit cards the way you are about your own business?  No. You need an expert to help you plan for taking credit card payments that’s simple—in the same way your customers expect to make a payment.

How to begin accepting credit cards?

The process begins by opening a merchant services account. This account is dedicated entirely to the purpose of handling payments made from electronic payments, including either debit or credit cards and is the basis for accepting these payments both online or in-store.

Next you’ll want to consider a point of sales system. A POS system provides you with the tools necessary to process payments. This is the most common form of accepting card payments and there is a wide variety of options to choose from. However, whatever you select for your POS system, it is highly recommended to select an EMV chip card compatible card system.

If you operate a website, it is likely you’ll want to consider accepting credit cards online. Your merchant services provider can help you set up your online virtual terminal.

While setting up a merchant services account to accept credit cards online and in-store requires some decision making, Vantiv can help customize your payment solutions to your business needs and make the process as simple as possible.

Accept credit card payments everywhere you do business with Vantiv

In your store

Accept credit cards easily, painlessly, while offering your customers the gold standards and more

In your POS system

Integrate credit card acceptance right within the point-of-sale (POS) system you use to run your entire business

On your website

Accept credit cards and more, even schedule recurring credit card payments, through your website

You’re already on the way

First, you’re doing well. You’re thinking about how to accept credit card payments. That’s a big start. One Intuit GoPayment survey discovered that more than half of U.S. small businesses—about 55% don’t accept credit cards. So, as more of us turn to plastic and even newer forms of payment, it’s good to be where you are.  Still there’s a lot to the decision.  Consider factors such as what cards, and other types of payments you should accept, the best types of devices or systems that you should use to process those payments, and if you plan to accept credit cards over the phone. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the decision.   All of these separate decisions should be driven by a number of things—what’s your business, what are you selling, how, and to whom?  What do your customers want when it comes to the payment choices you offer?  There are many things to consider when it comes to making customer sales.  How are you thinking about it? Take a minute to think about where you are?

Michele Lawrence

Owner, YogaDurango

In addition to accepting credit cards, YogaDurango has been able to capitalize on gift card revenue for an additional income source  using the Vantiv gift solution. Technical support, customer service and great rates are some of the other reasons this small business chose Vantiv. Watch this testimonial to see how Vantiv helped a local business succeed with payment solutions beyond credit card acceptance.

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