Accept credit cards
the easy way

Accepting credit cards is a great way to stay on your customers’ good side—and keep your bank account on yours. Ready to experience the benefits of credit card acceptance? You came to the right place.

Get Started

Getting your business set up to accept credit and debit cards is easier than you might think. If you care about making payments easy for your customers, find a reputable partner that cares about making them easy for you, like Vantiv.

Getting started processing card payments is easy

This is your business, your customers, and your money.  You get to decide how to approach credit card processing.  You can start with:

A payment processor

Start by comparing payment providers’ services and select the hardware device later

A payment acceptance device

Find a payment provider who will work with your chosen POS system

A website gateway 

Choose the payment facilitator you want to host your webpage and let them worry about providers

Take payments wherever you want—it’s simple

In your store

Accept in-person payments  at your store, salon, restaurant, etc.

Online and in-app

Accept card-not-present payments through your website or mobile app

On the go

Accept payments at your expo, street fair, pop-up booth, or wherever your customers are

Accepting payments should be easy, no matter where you’re doing business. Simple payment processing works where and when you want it to.

Take advantage of smart payment features

Smart solutions are complementary and do the work for you.  You don’t have to know everything about accepting credit card payments and the equipment you need. A smart solution has:

Reliable transaction service

The service is dependable, has back up protection, and it’s easy to get help—day
or night

Growth solutions

From insightful data about your customers to customizable gift and loyalty programs, you have tools to grow on 

Management tools 

Payments are one part of a larger system of connected programs that work together to help you run your business efficiently


You know your business inside and out. You don’t need to be an expert in credit cards too. Payments should make your business operations work smarter, not harder.


Michele Lawrence

Owner, YogaDurango

 “We have been processing payments with Vantiv for about 8 years.  We have been using the gift card products from Vantiv for a long time.  The technical support that we’ve received from Vantiv through the years has been phenomenal. Between the customer service, the gift card program that I think is really beneficial to us, and the great rates that we’re being offered, we have no intentions of switching.”

Choose Vantiv for all your credit card processing needs

Certain credit card processors have strengths that play to particular types of businesses. Vantiv’s strength is that we have a great solution for every type of business.  It’s why we’re the number one merchant acquirer in the U.S. and why we win awards for excellent customer service. 

 Reach out to Vantiv to experience the rich benefits of faster, smarter, easier credit card processing.

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