Accept credit cards today, everywhere you do business

  • In-store—accept cards easily, the gold standards and more
  • POS systems—card acceptance built right into the system you use
  • On the web—accept credit cards, even recurring payments, via your website

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Payments don’t have to be complex and complicated. Still, over-complicated payments might be one of the reasons that as many as half of all U.S. small businesses do not accept credit cards, according to one Intuit GoPayment survey.

The types of cards, and options like mobile wallet acceptance, should reflect what your customers want. The device, terminal or POS system you use should reflect what your business needs. And, with added services like gift card solutions and much more, putting a plan to accept credit cards should be the simplest part of opening a business.

It’s smarter, faster, easier payments when you work with people who have the know-how to help you accept credit cards, anywhere, anytime, any-how.

"We have been processing payments with Vantiv for about 8 years, when we first started accepting credit cards. Between the customer service, the gift card program, that’s really beneficial to us, and the great rates we’re being offered, we have no intentions of switching."

  • Michele Lawrence, owner, YogaDurango