Retail merchant services.

Enterprise businesses have enterprise-size needs. Fortunately, Vantiv has decades of experience providing payments processing solutions. Now everyone wins big.

In-store merchant services.

Cards, checks, gift cards, mobile payments. As an enterprise merchant, you’re expected to accept them all, not to mention remain open to the next hot trend that takes stores by storm. With Vantiv’s in-store and retail merchant services, you can remain in the know and ready to go.

All the extras for your enterprise payment processing.

Vantiv offers a suite of payment processing solutions to fit the specific needs of your enterprise business.

Payment Processing for Retail Merchants

No matter how your customers chose to pay, Vantiv offers assurance that transactions will be safer and more accurate. From credit and debit to EBT and mobile pay, the options are endless. We even deliver detailed reporting so you can better understand your customers’ buying behavior and its effect on your business.

OmniShield Assure Enterprise Suite

Build customer trust and help protect your business with a comprehensive and customizable payment security solution for enterprise business. The suite includes EMV support, encryption and tokenization to help reduce key security threats. Take proactive steps to help secure your business with OmniShield Assure Enterprise Suite.

National Merchant Gift Cards

We know what it takes for merchant gift cards to get noticed—an effective strategy to market, develop and manage your custom gift card program. We’ve built our program with multiple transactions types, flexible program controls and cardholder and merchant support features. We can even help with the design, marketing and distribution of the cards, so all you have to do is sit back and let them go to work. 

Vantiv iQ

Online and easy-to-use, Vantiv iQ is a robust reporting tool to access your payment processing data. It’s a comprehensive solution that gives you actionable insights to help run your business more efficiently. View all your transaction data broken down by card types, gift transactions, chargebacks, and more. As an enterprise-class reporting tool, it helps streamline workflows, handles large data sets, and delivers the reports that you need. Vantiv iQ is a complete solution for online self-service reporting.

Incentive, Rebate, Rewards and Disbursement Programs

Relationships are good business. And we know just how to cultivate them. Our turn-key programs can do everything from thank employees to reward and incentivize customers. We can even handle disbursement to streamline in-store and retail merchant processing. Our simple program management tools let you securely and efficiently manage your engagement program. Plus, there’s online ordering, funding and reporting at your fingertips, too.

Vantiv Prime

Customized Transaction Management

Take control of costs of acceptance with Vantiv Prime. Eligible merchants* gain competitive advantage and potential cost savings on overall processing through specialized debit routing to maximize savings. Unlike other limited least cost routing solutions, Vantiv uses an in-depth routing algorithm designed to maximize debit savings, and offers tailored advisory services to maximize your return on payment processing. Choose Vantiv Prime to make the most of your payment processing experience while reducing your payment acceptance expenditure.

Key Benefits

  • Help to Reduce Debit Interchange costs through routing
  • Maximize savings using Vantiv’s financial institution network
  • Increased intelligence and reporting on transaction routing and optimization
  • More pricing power with debit networks

See how much you can save with Vantiv. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, customized Vantiv Prime consultation.

*Merchant eligibility is considered on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as overall savings potential, transaction volumes and Prime service fees will be considered in determining merchant eligibility. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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