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Running an online business is demanding, but Vantiv can help you make all the right decisions from which online credit card payment processing methods to accept to how to revamp your virtual storefront.

Online & eCommerce merchant services.

Did you know that 76% of Gen-Y customers research products online using a desktop or laptop? And that 82% shop online using those same devices? Or what about the fact that 33% shop online using a smartphone? It all goes to show that online businesses are booming like never before. Precisely why you need the pros at Vantiv. Our unified technology platform provides products and services across the entire payments value chain to meet the needs of large, enterprise merchants just like you. 

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The behind-the-scenes eCommerce business brains.

Vantiv excels at knowing what businesses need to stay safe yet continue to strive ahead. Consider these advantages of partnering with us:

Vantiv Payments for eCommerce

Now you can accept credit card payments online and drive profitable, longer lasting customer relationships. And integration is always a snap, too. Our online payment processing solution is built on a foundation of agile, best-of-breed technology. We specialize in services that help combat fraud and manage fraud-related chargebacks. We can even help you streamline billing and provide customer insights that in turn, grow revenue.

Vantiv OmniShield
Protection Solutions

The Vantiv OmniShield family of protection solutions offers three distinct, complementary, eCommerce fraud and security solutions designed to help prevent fraud, secure sensitive customer payment information, and provide peace of mind. The Fraud Toolkit and Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service can help protect your reputation and minimize future losses. And, eProtect is a comprehensive, card-not-present data security solution that immediately captures cardholder data upon entry into your web page, replacing it with tokenized values useful only to you and  useless to data criminals. 

Vantiv Xcelerator
Revenue Solutions

The Vantiv Xcelerator family is designed to help grow and retain eCommerce and online payments revenue.  Recovery Solutions use proven account updating and intelligent recycling technologies to help recurring, subscription, and one-time billing merchants turn authorization declines into approvals. This solution shifts the work load of maintaining current, updated credit card information off of you and onto us, which helps eliminate card exposure, optimize authorization approval rates, and maximize customer lifetime value. 

Vantiv BusinessIQ
Analytics and Reporting solutions  

Vantiv BusinessIQ solutions includes iQ for eCommerce, which turns payments into tangible and strategic assets by making them fully visible, manageable, and actionable. iQ provides a window into your business operations through its rich and granular data, insight-sparking analytics, time-saving workflow tools, flexible viewing and delivery options, and revealing performance reports.  

Benefits for eCommerce merchants:

  • Reliable and versatile payment processing
  • Large-volume payment transaction capacity
  • High uptime and processing availability
  • Integrated marketing programs to increase customer base while rewarding loyal customers
  • Accept payments from consumer devices
  • 24/7/365 customer service & support 
  • Next Day Funding available
  • EMV and NFC compliant terminals 

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