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Enter the universe of payments. Open a world of credit and debit card processing and issuing services, production services and cardholder support.

Grow non-interest revenue. Attract new customers. Build loyal relationships.

Offering credit cards can expand your financial institution’s product line and diversify revenue. However, attracting and keeping cardholders can have its challenges. Vantiv provides all the basics of card issuing from fully branded plastic cards and card fulfillment to always-on customer service and digital wallet support. Add to that our award-winning card marketing and loyalty/rewards programs – keeping your institution’s credit card top-of-wallet is easier than ever.


Credit card processing products that grow with cardholders – and your financial institution.

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The payments world is evolving faster than ever. From mobile payments and chip cards through to digital wallets, credit card payments are more flexible and personalized than ever. Leverage our deep industry knowledge and proven strategies to help your financial institution stay ahead of the payments curve. With Vantiv, you have a trusted partner to help guide your credit card products now and into the future.  

Credit Services

Cardholder support includes:

  • Online cardholder access
  • 24x7 telephone and email support via Vantiv’s Contact Center

Credit card production services include:

  • Fully branded plastic cards designed to your specifications
  • Card fulfillment and delivery to cardholders
  • Instant issuing
  • Easy integration with in-branch embossing machines

Card management value-added services include:

  • Cardstation
  • Customizable client website for self-service card management including account payments, statements, transactions, pending authorizations, travel notifications, credit line increases, customer support, and more
  • Institutions can view cardholder balances, credit lines, statements, payment history, transaction history, pending authorizations, credit lines, and more
  • Go to my card (GTMC)

Credit card processing and issuing services include:

  • Visa and MasterCard products including standard, gold, platinum, and premium cards including Visa Signature and MasterCard World
  • Tokenization support
  • MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and Visa Token Service (VTS)
  • Digital wallet acceptance for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and more
  • Card activation services
  • PIN selection
  • Credit authorization
  • Collection services
  • Card production
  • Magnetic stripe and EMV cards
  • Account management
  • Payment processing
  • Statements (system letters)
  • Delinquent account management
  • Blocking and unblocking accounts

Proven results. Valuable insight.

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The billions of debit transactions we process give us powerful insight to help institutions like yours better understand cardholders’ purchasing behaviors. Use this knowledge to help grow your debit offering and identify new areas of revenue that benefit your bottom line. 

Growth. Flexibility. Loyalty.

Debit card services such as issuing and processing is at the heart of profitable, long-term relationships with your cardholders. Reliable, secure, and fast, Vantiv’s debit issuing and processing platform provides the flexibility that financial institutions need to offer their cardholders the best possible payment choices.


Debit Services

Debit card services:

  • Issue and process Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards plus all major PIN debit networks for consumers and businesses
  • Tokenization support
  • MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and Visa Token Service (VTS)
  • Digital wallet acceptance for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and more
  • Card activation services
  • PIN selection
  • Gateway services and credit authorization
  • Surcharge rebates
  • Fee assessments

Debit cardholder support includes:

  • 24x7 telephone and email support via Vantiv’s Contact Center
  • Vantiv Debit Cardholder Support

Debit card production includes:

  • Fully branded plastic cards designed to your specifications, including EMV chip cards
  • Card fulfillment and delivery to cardholders
  • Instant issuing
  • Easy integration with in-branch embossing machines
  • Temporary-to-permanent debit cards, with no embossing machines required


Vantiv ATM delivers more than cash

Vantiv ATM provides innovative functionality that minimizes operating costs and maintenance to maximize revenue generation and brand reach. As a true extension of your branch, Vantiv ATM provides more convenience for your customers and easier cash management for you. In addition to fast withdrawals, deposits, and money transfers, Vantiv ATM gives you the ability to promote supplementary products that drive revenue.


ATM Services

ATM support includes:

  • 24X7 Vantiv Contact Center support
  • 24x7 Automated ATM monitoring and dispatching

ATM processing services include:

  • EMV support
  • ATM PIN selection
  • Customer selected bills
  • Skimming notification
  • Client self-serve website to view open ATM tickets, cash levels, and ATM status
  • Foreign language support
  • Daily, weekly, monthly ATM reporting

ATM value-added services include:

  • EJ upload
  • Remote key
  • Deposit automation
  • ATM preferences
  • Overdraft notification
  • Remote distribution
  • ATM graphic/marketing support
  • Pay In your Currency
  • Cash management


Vantiv Prepaid

Prepaid gift cards are one of the most popular gift products in the market today. They have become the preferred choice for consumers, even more than cash or retail gift cards. Partner with Vantiv to take advantage of this growing market with our Prepaid Gift Card program. We offer a full end-to-end solution that makes it easy for you to offer gift cards to your cardholders within just a few weeks. Our program helps you sell gift cards not just for the holidays, but all year long.

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1The Nilson Report, 2015