Vantiv Xcelerator - Credit Card Marketing Program

Rapidly build new customer relationships and strengthen current ones. We can help optimize portfolio revenue growth with solutions that engage your increasingly connected customers.

Optimized card marketing programs. More revenue opportunities. Less stress.

Looking for new ways to promote your payment card program? Look no further. Vantiv Card Marketing is an end-to-end solution that gives you access to a complete menu of marketing strategies and techniques. With Vantiv Card Marketing, you can design marketing campaigns that are customized to drive cardholder usage, extend your brand’s reach, and help you achieve your revenue goals.

Card marketing


We focus on growing your card program. You focus on growing your business.

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Vantiv Card Marketing provides an alternative to an in-house marketing team or relying on an external agency that might not have the industry knowledge your campaigns require. Customize your campaign strategy according to your card revenue growth goals, such as increasing transaction volume and/or increasing activation rates. We take it from there, freeing you up to focus on other important areas of your business.

Vantiv Card Marketing can help your financial institution:

  • Drive more card usage through timely promotions and rewards
  • Generate brand and card program awareness by engaging cardholders
  • Grow card program revenue and increase profitability by engaging cardholders in new ways
  • Build customer loyalty through regular and relevant offers
  • Promote card activation with compelling incentives, offers, and rewards

“I love that they have marketing promotions that I can quickly tie into, with very creative components. They have quick turnarounds and great reports that I can bring to the board and my CEO.”

– Karin Kovalovsky, Vice President
Corporate Communications and Marketing at Aventa Credit Union

Loyalty. Rewarded.

Once you’ve created a relationship with a new cardholder, it’s then time to focus on increasing their everyday card spend and retaining them as a customer. Considering the fiercely competitive marketplace for card issuers, you have to work harder than ever to meet these goals. This is where loyalty card marketing programs can help your financial institution build lifelong relationships with cardholders—keeping you top of wallet. 


Make every purchase more rewarding.

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Loyal members tend to have more card products and carry higher balances, meaning higher revenue potential for your financial institution. Offering a cash back or points-based loyalty card program can give your institution a competitive advantage that compels cardholders to choose your brand more often.

Build loyalty that lasts.

  • Attract new customers and retain existing – Keep your brand and card program top-of-mind with existing cardholders and create awareness among potential customers with relevant rewards.
  • Drive account activity – Rewards incent cardholders to begin using their card more often.
  • Increase transactions and spend – Cardholders are motivated to use their card with incentives that are relevant, meaningful, and flexible, driving interchange and fee based revenue.
  • Differentiate your institution – Build a competitive program customized to fit your needs, including earn ratios, a branded website, bonus point promotions and much more! 

So much more than cash. Vantiv ATM.

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Serve customers like they’re in the branch—simpler, faster, and easier. Monitor ATM systems and usage, target marketing smartly, and get ATM EMV compliance.

For customers

  • Simpler transactions to ATM vs. branch
  • Faster for customers—easy balance inquiry, check deposits, transfers
  • Easier for customers—deposit mix of cash and checks; instantly verify check amounts and access funds

For you

  • Monitor ATM system by computer or phone, send commands remotely, help reduce ATM service calls
  • More targeted customer marketing messages for retention, upsell, new-sell
  • EMV compliance

Over 7 million ATM transactions processed monthly.

First US processor to support EMV transactions at the ATM.

Jeanie® Network. Connecting commerce.

Finding the right payments network for your financial institution, it’s important. Transparent financial structure, transaction-set flexibility, and a network that’s wherever your customers are—these critical factors as you decide. It’s time you get tried–and–true.

Powerful ROI

  • Maximize interchange income
  • Low cost structure
  • Multiple surcharge-free programs

Easy implementation

  • No need to reissue existing ATM and debit cards
  • Jeanie logo can be added as new cards are ordered


  • Surcharge-free options

Nation’s first online-shared ATM network (1977)—750 participating financial institutions, 2,500,000+ point-of-sale terminals, acceptance across all 50 states, and available to your ATM and debit customers wherever they are.

Experience Jeanie®

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