Secure payment integrations

Are you seeking one provider for managed payments for your enterprise? You’ve come to the right place. Paymetric’s cloud-based solution provides scalability and flexibility by integrating with any enterprise payment solution to deliver a seamless solution across multiple channels and platforms. Who could ask for more?

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Paymetric: One vendor, total processing, and payment security through a single integration for the enterprise

One integration = increased efficiencies

Processor-neutral cloud solutions lower operational expenses. Patented tokenization technology keeps payment data secure and PCI compliant, reducing operational costs and risks. Seamless integration with leading solutions providers streamlines enterprise commerce. All optimized to reduce interchange costs. With Paymetric, total payment security across your complex enterprise systems allows you to rest easy.

Check out some of our customer success stories and discover why the largest global brands trust Paymetric to solve today’s complex enterprise payment challenges.

A single-source solution

Receiving, processing, and protecting payments used to take a village of vendors only to fall short when it comes to delivering seamless experiences for your customers. Not to mention the internal headaches of having to manage the relationships of half a dozen vendors, and the costs associated with each. We know how to make payment integrations simple and allow you to focus on your customers.

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Speed to market, strength to market

CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and legacy systems demand a single payment processing provider who understands the complexities of cross-channel integrations. Our unified managed payment services solution lifts the burdens of complexity. Paymetric offers enterprises a portfolio of integrations for your business to conduct commerce globally.

Seamless integrations with ERP, eCommerce, IVR, operating systems and other solution providers enable the rollout of proven capabilities into the enterprise system. We’ll smooth operational roadblocks on the way to speedy deployments and reduce operational costs to ensure successful results. Paymetric’s cloud solutions streamline and secure payments across SAP, Oracle, and other leading platform providers.

Conquer your global enterprise payment challenges

Paymetric is now a Worldpay company. Together, we are delivering a fully managed secure payment service built to help you handle complex omnichannel enterprise payments. Paymetric delivers a seamless, scalable commerce payment platform with integrated processing of all payment types, offering total security across your complex enterprise systems.

Paymetric is now backed by the world’s largest payment processor. Now that’s something to get excited about. Start a conversation with our enterprise integration experts at Paymetric today.