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    Once your application is approved, contact our Merchant Activation Team to activate your account and ensure your terminal or PC-based system programmed correctly.

    Merchant Activation Team (MAT): 866-622-2390

    Or you can schedule an appointment, and we will contact you directly when you're available.

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  • Your  Worldpay Merchant ID can be found in a few places, please check:

    • The side of your payment terminal
    • Your terminal batch reports
    • Your monthly billing statement
    • Access your monthly billing statement can be accessed using  iQ. Log in here.



  • EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa, but really is just the term used for chip cards. A chip card is a card with a mini-computer or microprocessor included in the chip in the card. The chip produces a one-time code with every transaction, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit.


  • The liability shift began October 2015. If a chip card is presented and a business is unable to read it as a chip card, and the transaction/card is later deemed counterfeit – the business will be out the cost of goods/services sold and will need to reimburse the issuer of the card. It also works the other way – if a cardholder doesn´t have a chip card, but the merchant is set up to accept EMV and the card is counterfeit – the issuer is liable. Basically, the entity that does not support EMV is liable for the card-present counterfeit card fraud.

  • The liability shift has come and gone, and merchants that aren’t set up to properly accept EMV chip cards are seeing an uptick in fraudulent chargebacks.

    Upgrading is easy with  Worldpay, we can get you a new EMV-enabled terminal fast so you can focus less on fraud and more on your customers.

    Contact us today to get your new EVM-enabled equipment 844-469-5548 or visit EMV Terminals.



  • Yes, they are changing their process. The process changes go into effect April 2018. Visa will simplify the process and they will now refer to chargebacks as a dispute. You can learn more details by watching this video

Card reporting & transaction history

  • Be in-the-know instantly with  iQ. You can access payment information for your business, including monthly billing statements, settlement information, card transaction look up features, customer buying behaviors and more, using our robust reporting and self-service tool anywhere, anytime.

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  • Yes! You’re busy, let us help by getting you the information you need fast.

    Using our robust reporting tool  iQ, you can adjust your personal settings and request important information to be sent to you via email or text. So you can have last night’s settlement information or important account alerts sent to you wherever you are.

    Find out more information on iQ

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    Watch a demo of iQ to help you better navigate


  • With  iQ you can easily search by card numbers (full and partial), tokens, date range, or dollar amount to get important details on each transaction including EMV data. You can export data to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

    In addition, you can view key historical reports containing valuable information related to reconciliation, interchange management, fees, possible fraud, exception handling, etc.

    Find out more information on  iQ

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    Watch a demo of iQ to help you better navigate


  • With  iQ you can see daily credit card settlement activity, logging in whenever and wherever you wish. You’ll have payments information at your fingertips. In addition, you can manage your iQ settings to have important alerts and notifications proactively sent to you via email or text, including daily settlements.

    Vantiv iQ also provides key historical reports containing valuable information related to reconciliation, interchange management, fees, possible fraud, exception handling, etc.

    Find out more information on  iQ

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  • We’ve got you on lock-down with OmniShield Assure. Our OmniShield Assure security bundle covers our merchants with some level of security; the entire bundle includes the following to reduce your overall risk with payments acceptance:

    • EMV Acceptance*
    • Point- to-point encryption*
    • PCI Assist
    • Breach Assist

    *Requires an EMV and encryption-enabled terminal or POS solution.

  • Our Breach Assist service is included in our OmniShield Assure security bundle. In the event of a breach, Breach Assist can help to reduce your liability by up to $100,000 per merchant location and up to $500,000 per event involving multiple locations*.  

    Breach Assist also provides up to $25,000 of protection for post-breach hardware and software upgrades**.

    For more information about the program, go to

    *contains eligibility and other program-specific terms and conditions
    **$25,000 is part of the $100,000 per location assistance


  • As soon as practicable after the date of discovery, the merchant shall provide a written Notice of Claim to either Great American E & S Insurance Company or their authorized representative. Claims and incidents giving rise to a claim shall be reported to Great American E & S Insurance Company as follows: Great American E & S Insurance Company, Attention: FIS Claims Department 49 East Fourth Street, 9th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202, Toll Free: (877) 429-3816, E-mail:

    Detailed instructions are found under “Terms and Conditions” at under “Wondering What’s Covered Under the Program?”. 

    Or view them directly here at


  • Complete your PCI validation by going to Validation may include a PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

    For assistance, please call our PCI Support Team at 877-207-6727

Terminal help

  • EMV chip cards have changed the checkout experience for your customers. You must have an EMV-enabled terminal to accept chip cards at your business, for help upgrading to an EMV chip card-enabled terminal.

    These 4 steps will help you and your employees better understand how to accept EMV Chip Cards at your business.

  • We are continuously working to keep our merchants aware of important security and software updates available to help keep you and your business safe.

    If you’ve received message to perform a download on your terminal, please follow these download instructions here.


  • Your terminal type is very important when understanding functionality, EMV card acceptance, downloads and support. Below are a couple of examples of how to identify your terminal type.

    VeriFone Vx520:

    Just above the upper right hand corner of the screen is the model number Vx520

    If the terminal has 4 LED’s at the top of the unit then the terminal has contactless communications (for Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc)

    Ingenico iCT220/iCT250:

    Just below the screen located in the middle is the model number iCT220 or iCT 250

    For more terminal information visit our terminal support site.


  • To adjust the time and date on your Verifone or Ingenico terminal please visit Terminal Support Reference Guides. Step-by-step instructions are available to walk you through the prompts on your terminal.

    For a complete list of terminal types with time and date instructions visit


  • Mobile payments are simply credit card payments made using a mobile wallet and a smart phone. Rather than dipping a credit card into your terminal, your customer will pay by holding their smart phone near your payment terminal. The credit card transaction is then processed in the same manner as a swiped or dipped card transaction.

    Mobile payments can offer your customers yet another way to pay. In order to accept mobile payments you must have an updated EMV Terminal.

  • We’ve got you covered with gift card programs for all businesses - from custom- designed gift cards to template cards and flat rate pricing to al a carte.

    Find out more today about how gift cards can promote your brand, increase loyalty and drive sales.

  • Accept any and all payment types with Worldpay. Checks are no exception. Worldpay offers easy ways for businesses to accept checks with minimal risk, find out more here.


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