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Discover the people behind your cards.

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Analyzing payment card and transaction data can be the key to unlocking new points of customer engagement. From improving loyalty and decreasing attrition to encouraging new account creation and influencing purchase behavior, Vantiv's data and reporting capabilities can help propel your financial institution’s revenue growth strategy.

Card program data, clarified.

Vantiv iQ is a one-stop reporting tool that houses all of your cardholder information, ATM records, credit/debit transactions, and other relevant financial analytics and business intelligence. No two card programs – or their reporting needs – are alike, and Vantiv iQ is designed with that in mind. Use its fully customizable interface to design reports that help streamline your workflows, analyze large data sets, manage cards and ATMs, and deliver on-demand reports. Card program reporting doesn’t need to be complicated. Streamline and simplify it with Vantiv iQ.


Actionable insight. Data-driven results.

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Credit and debit card transactions. ATM records. Chargebacks and disputes. When you offer cardholder programs, serving the needs of your customers can be complex and difficult to manage. That’s why a highly customized and easy-to-use reporting solution is so critical to your business. Vantiv iQ can help manage your cardholder program more efficiently through its modern interface and ever-evolving data management features. All customized to fit your needs. 

What can Vantiv iQ do for you?

  • ATM Management – Manage ATMs and view configurations without leaving the office.
  • Card Management – Control your card portfolio with functions including cardholder search, update cardholder information, block/destroy/expedite (single/bulk), reorder/ replace/reissue cards, and more.
  • Transaction Research – Search specific cardholder transactions using data such as date range, transaction type, and ACRO.
  • Reporting and Search Tool – View reports for settlements, fraud management, terminal activity, exception handling, and card transactions. Search by card numbers (full and partial), date range, or dollar amount to get important details on each transaction including EMV data.
  • Alerts – Monitor your business with alerts for unread reports and other administrative functions.
  • Flexible User Management – Control administrative functions including user setup, profile updates, IP access, and user reporting.
  • Online Support – Use advanced online self-service tools including interactive resources, informative industry content, and ‘how-to’ product information.
  • Vantiv Resolve – Through iQ, you will be able to access Resolve, Vantiv’s new back-end chargeback reporting solution.
  • Dynamic Landing Page – Provides you with at-a-glance data for a quick overview of industry news and links to self-service support.
  • Fraud Monitoring – Monitor fraud and compromised card alerts through CAN/CAM research, lost and stolen reports and more.

A more powerful analytics tool

You are looking for every edge in understanding your data and how it stacks up in the industry. Vantiv's analytics tool, DataEdge connects card payment data across your financial institution’s operations bringing depth, dimension and color to your decisions, helping you to optimize processing operations, minimize costs, maximize portfolio performance and benefit from the powerful value of peer benchmarking.

It brings superior convenience while providing great flexibility.

Data-defined actions lead to data-driven results.

Portfolio Pro is an online reporting solution that helps you easily analyze the data in your card portfolio and make decisions powered by real-life performance.


Turning card portfolio data into decisions.

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Your card portfolio business intelligence data contains insight that can help improve the profitability of your card program. But turning that data into actionable information can be challenging.

Portfolio Pro’s clear, concise, and customized reporting can help you optimize the daily performance of your card portfolio and identify areas of potential revenue growth.


Reporting that’s clear. Easy to use. Secure.

Portfolio Pro lets you:


  • Roll-up and drill-down on your data through an intuitive online interface
  • Download account information to create customized reports



  • Export charts and data tables directly into Microsoft® Excel
  • Customize reporting with options including top-level credit card trends, risk management, and operations performance