Credit card processing solutions for financial institutions

No one touches everyday transactions like Vantiv. Cardholder to merchant to financial institution and back—we see all sides of commerce. Analyzing, managing, and reporting data with tools to provide you with meaningful insights to activate and grow card programs—your non-interest income. We drive it forward with an unmatched view of the payments, financial, security and technology roads ahead.


Vantiv is now Worldpay

From change comes the opportunity for growth, and while we continue to deliver innovative, differentiated and value-added payment solutions, we can now provide unrivaled insights and analytics and world-class fraud protection. We remain committed to helping you grow your business.



Vantiv Payments

Smart payment processing frees busy teams to innovate.  We simplify payments for financial institutions of any size and scope, so you can get back to running your business.  Your eye on the future, ours on the set of solutions that make your payments effortless.

  • Vantiv Credit
  • Vantiv Debit
  • Vantiv ATM Services

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Customer Service Solutions

Solving the day-to-day support needs of your customers one call or click at a time, or helping you resolve special needs, Vantiv OnCall is always there to serve.

Vantiv OnCall


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Security and Fraud

Ever-evolving protection solutions for dynamic threats against card data and use. We offer the most robust portfolio in security, fraud, compliance and risk mitigation for a quickly changing world. 

  • Vantiv OmniShield Suite
  • Credit Fraud Solution
  • eGuard
  • MobiMoney
  • Resolve

Fraud & Security


Analytics & Reporting

Eliminate the guesswork. Start with what works. Spot market trends, get insights into your cardholders, and activate new sources of revenue with in-depth analytics and advance reporting about the dynamics of payments activity.

  • DataEdge (watch video to learn more)
  • Vantiv iQ
  • Vantiv Portfolio Pro

Analytics & Reporting



Revenue Growth

Rapidly build new cardholder relationships and strengthen current ones. We can help optimize portfolio revenue growth with the solutions that engage your increasingly connected customers and members.  

  • PaymentsEdge Advisory Services
  • Vantiv Card Marketing
  • Vantiv Loyalty
  • Jeanie Network 

Revenue Growth

“The PaymentsEdge team helped us narrow our focus so we target opportunities with the highest probability of ROI. And it’s working!
We added over $370,000 in annualized incremental revenue interchange. Our current results beat the team’s initial estimates by 398% with one campaign still to go!”

--Crystal Stevens, Card Services Manager, Altura Credit Union

Give your Financial Institution every advantage

When you partner with Vantiv, you’re partnering with real people – people who know you, who have answers, who will go out of their way to make things easier for you and your cardholders.

Vantage Point - Financial Institutions

Cardholders, customers, members—consumer behavior and tectonic technology shifts are changing how we serve financial institutional consumers. Offering helpful insights and analysis of the issues shaping your world.


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Financial Institution Capabilities

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