Fraud & Security Protection

Protection and peace of mind you and your cardholders can count on

Fraud is a $112 billion industry, accounting for an average loss of $35,600 per minute. And with that, consumer confidence is slipping in their financial institution to keep them safe. You want peace of mind you can count on and we can help. OmniShield offers the most robust portfolio in security, fraud, compliance and risk mitigation for a quickly changing world.

Fighting card fraud for you and your cardholders.

You’ve seen the headlines. Every year, the number of data breaches and incidents of stolen personal information seems to rise. That’s why it’s more important than ever for financial institutions to invest in a comprehensive fraud protection solution that protects both your cardholders and your institution’s reputation.

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Sophisticated software. Real-time monitoring. Fraud protection for financial institutions and cardholders.

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Vantiv OmniShield Suite is advanced software that creates real-time alerts when fraudulent transactions are suspected. Built on a foundation of neural network modeling, OmniShield Suite constantly assesses individual cardholder behavior and scores payment transactions based on other cardholder purchases. A team of fraud analysts reviews questionable transactions to determine if cardholder alerts are needed. This combination can help reduce the number of unnecessary cardholder alerts by 60 percent while also detecting fraud at a rate three to five times higher than other solutions. 

We worry about fraud. So you don’t have to.

  • Our team of fraud and chargeback experts are available to identify, respond to, and prevent fraud on behalf of your financial institution.
  • Always-on 24x7x365 coverage helps identify and prevent fraud after-hours, over weekends, and on holidays.
  • Instant notification of possible fraud helps limit declines on good payment transactions. 
  • 100% real-time fraud scores capture data irregularities and help your financial institution adapt to changing consumer behavior.
  • Advanced card compromise research and accompanying alerts help catch fraudulent transactions that the major card networks might not. 

Proven experience. Exceptional results.

  • 3.4 billion authorizations scored in 100% real-time per year
  • OmniShield Suite reduced fraud losses for our financial institution clients by an estimated $16 million in just one year
  • Gross fraud basis points for Vantiv issuers are 32% lower than the industry average
  • Superior cardholder experience operating at a 3:1 false positive ratio compared to most that operate up to 15:1 false positive ratio
  • Net fraud basis points for Vantiv issuers decreased 36% year-over-year

Powerful data. Payment security. Preventing fraud.

Credit card fraud detection tools and techniques need to adapt as quickly as fraud does. That’s why Vantiv Fraud Management scrutinizes billions of payments, and data from thousands of financial institutions, to screen transactions and help stop fraud before it happens. By examining payment types including credit cards, wire transfers, and mobile payments, our fraud detection system is powered to return fraud scores in real time. This can help your financial institution build dynamic profiles and create more adaptable decision rules.


Intelligent software. Top-notch analysts. Global data. Working together to fight fraud.

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Fraud is not contained by geographical boundaries. That’s why we collect global data to quickly respond to new fraud trends that have not yet reached our borders. The combination of adaptive models, real-time fraud scoring, advanced rules management, and enhanced global profiles all contribute to reducing millions of dollars in fraud losses with minimal impact to your cardholders. 

Credit Fraud Solution offers:

  • Predictive analytics to detect payment fraud quickly and reliably
  • Fraud analysts that are constantly observing and analyzing fraud trends
  • Outlier models for remote areas of fraud where sufficient data doesn’t exist
  • Transaction-based scoring to help assess risk during payment authorization
  • Custom rule management for your institution’s specific policies and practices
  • Case management through an intuitive online tool that investigates customer or account activity
  • Global profiles to help identify new fraud schemes developing around the world
  • Adaptive models that allow fine-tuning based on your financial institution’s needs

A better cardholder experience

eGuard, Vantiv's 3D Secure Solution, will provide your financial institution and your cardholders with an added layer of defense to mitigate growing card-not-present fraud. It replaces current static password solutions for MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA transactions, with a Risk Based Authentication model. This tool will provide a better cardholder experience and only challenge or decline cardholders when the model detects suspected fraud.

Key features

  • Risk based authentication
    • Solution to only challenge or decline cardholders when the model detects suspicious activity.
  • Authentication methods
    • One time password (OTP) and knowledge based questions
  • Real time decline feed
    • Feed of declined activity sent to OmniShield
  • Case sheets
    • Ability to notify cardholders and FIs of suspicious activity

Cardholders in control.

If your cardholders are interested in managing their prepaid, gateway credit, and debit cards online, we’ve got an app for that. MobiMoney gives your customers the ability to turn cards on/off and receive instant alerts on their mobile devices for all card activity. It also lets them restrict card usage based on personal preferences including geographic location, type of merchant, type of transaction, and threshold amount. MobiMoney can help build trust and increase card usage by giving cardholders the control and instant access they desire. All at their fingertips.  It helps you foil fraud too. 


Mapping it out with MobiMoney.

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No two cardholders are alike. Give them the tools they need to customize their payment cards and help build trust with your financial institution to make them more confident consumers. MobiMoney puts them in control of their payment cards by giving them tools that match their spending habits, exclude high-risk businesses, and limit transactions based on geographical location and threshold amount. With the power of MobiMoney’s mobile app, it’s all in their hands. 

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Adding a new card

Turning a card on/off

Location Controls

Spending Controls


What can MobiMoney do for your payment card portfolio?

  • Empowerment – let cardholders customize their payment cards according to their spending habits and personal preferences
  • Growth – increase cardholders’ payment security confidence and encourage more transactions, and keep your card top of wallet
  • Convenience – give cardholders the ability to control and monitor card activity anytime, anywhere via a mobile app
  • Peace of mind – facilitate fraud discovery and decrease resolution time
  • Ease of use – integrate MobiMoney seamlessly into your existing infrastructure using our set of APIs
  • Confidence – give cardholders the power to monitor account balances and transaction history; provide instant alerts for unauthorized transactions

“MobiMoney is a great way to protect yourself from fraud. And you don’t have to rely on anyone else, you can do it yourself. Now we all have the power to prevent fraud.”

—Betsy Weatherford
Card Services Manager
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union


Smarter, more sophisticated dispute management.

Vantiv Resolve is an intuitive online solution designed to meet all of your dispute management and chargeback needs. It can help save your financial institution time and money with faster resolution times, less phone calls, and more efficient processes. And your cardholders will notice a difference, too.


Manage all disputes. All in one system.

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Vantiv Resolve can help make your current dispute and risk management process less complex. Think less errors, shorter dispute lifecycles, and improved cardholder satisfaction. It features an intuitive dashboard, responsive notification center, and access to specialized support staff that can provide customized guidance. Let Vantiv Resolve simplify the dispute management and chargeback workflow processes for your financial institution.


Vantiv Resolve can help your financial institution:

  • Simplify dispute management with an all-in-one paperless system
  • Eliminate cumbersome in-house dispute tracking
  • Improve cardholder satisfaction with faster dispute resolution
  • Reduce the time needed to manage chargebacks and disputes
  • Decrease common errors associated with chargebacks and disputes