ACH Processing & eCheck Payments

Whether your customers pay with traditional checks or opt for electronic payments, Vantiv enables all your options easily.

Convenience for accepting payments from every customer.

Money is money, so if your customers pay by check, you want to be ready. Vantiv offers several ACH and eCheck payment processing options that provide real-time authorizations and fewer hassles. You’ll reduce the risk of fraud, returned checks, and non-sufficient funds notifications. And you’ll lower your check processing costs while increasing back-office efficiencies.

Checks by mail? Try Check 21.

If you accept checks by mail, our Check 21 solution can capture images of your checks to allow for quicker processing. Converting the check to an image speeds up conversion and funding.

  • Captured images of checks, so no trips to the bank to deposit funds
  • Online reporting to track and review activity
  • Guaranteed payment option
  • Increased back-office efficiency

Electronic Cash Conversion (ECC) turns checks into cash.

Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) lets you convert paper checks into electronic payments to improve cash flow and allow for funding in 48 hours or less. We support ECC with or without a guarantee for payment.

ECC provides:

  • Real time authorizations, reducing the risk of bad checks before you accept them
  • No paper checks, so no trips to the bank to deposit funds
  • Improved reporting, with an online system that allows you to track and review activity

Paper Guarantee for checks.

If paper checks are part of your business, our Paper Guarantee option guarantees your payments.

  • Real time authorizations
  • Online reporting
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Reduced risk of check fraud