Vantiv StoreCard

Gift card processing solutions for small businesses.

Put your business in the wallets of customers everywhere with branded gift cards. Whether you need simple cards with your logo or custom designed ones, we’re your solution. Our upgraded features with mobile and loyalty program will take your business gift program to the next level.

Grow your business with Gift Cards.

Gift cards are expected to be a 160 Billion industry by 2018, so what are you waiting for? * 93% of American consumers have given a gift card and customers are known to spend upwards of almost 40% more using them.* 

As a service provider, we can make gift cards for single locations or custom-designed cards for franchises. Best of all, our comprehensive gift card service is already built into the POS system or terminal you use for payment processing, so they’re ready when you are. And if you do have a problem, we’re always available 24/7 for any technical support.

*Gift Card Granny LLC, Gift Card Exchange Day website, http://www., 2015


Your store, your card.

StoreCard is your store’s exclusive, private label rewards and payment card designed to make it easy for small businesses to attract and engage customers, so they keep coming back.

Features of Vantiv’s gift card processing solutions:

  • Choice of custom or pre-designed cards
  • Variable or preset card value
  • Customizable card controls
  • Over a dozen transaction types
  • Suspend lost and stolen tagging on cards
  • Enhanced PIN and security code support
  • Virtual gift card terminal processing
  • Integrated into the POS or terminal
  • Multi-store solutions with ACH funds transfers and cross-store reconciliation
  • Virtual gift card option
  • eGifting Service
  • Online reporting

Great gifts for you, too.

Gift cards do plenty for your business growth. They increase store traffic since every card sold brings in a purchaser and a recipient. They also double as free advertising that customers see every time they open their wallets. And using them helps reduce fraud since traditional paper certificates can be easily copied.