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Grow your business with gift card processing

Gift and prepaid cards are a great way to increase sales, promote your brand, attract new customers and reward loyal customers. Consumers love gift cards, both giving and receiving. Businesses and their payment partners are responding with innovative tools to propel business growth.

Gift cards are more popular than ever. In 2019 US consumers are projected to purchase $368 billion in prepaid cards. A 2017 Deloitte survey found that gift cards were the leading options for both gift purchasers (49%) and gift recipients (61%). Today prepaid cards are even more popular as gifts than traditional favorites like clothing, books or consumer electronics.

Worldpay helps businesses grow with gift, reward, and other stored value programs that customers love. Best of all there are prepaid card and loyalty programs for businesses of virtually every size and type. We work with businesses just like yours every day to design affordable programs right-sized for your budget. Prepaid card services are easier than ever to use—for you, your employees and your customers.


Your store, your card.

StoreCard is your store’s exclusive, private label rewards and payment card designed to make it easy for small businesses to attract and engage customers, so they keep coming back.

Worldpay’s StoreCard program puts you in the driver’s seat with stored value programs that are proven to propel business growth. StoreCard offers businesses of every size the opportunity to reap the benefits of gift card programs. StoreCard helps your business grow—your way.

Interested in seeing ROI on a gift card program? Click here to uncover your potential.

Worldpay’s gift card processing solutions

  • Customized or pre-designed cards
  • Variable or preset card values
  • Extensive customization + control
  • Manage lost and stolen cards
  • Enhanced PIN & security codes
  • Easy POS integration
  • Virtual gift cards & app integrations
  • Simple analytics & online reporting
  • Scalable, from one store to hundreds