The best iQ in business.

Vantiv iQ is the smartest way to manage your business because it lets you see both the big picture and all the important details of your customers’ behavior and buying patterns through our SMB merchant payment data and transaction systems.

Small business credit card processing reports and more.

Vantiv iQ lets you be in-the-know instantly. It's simple, user-friendly interface gives SMB merchants snapshots of payment activity, adaptable transaction reports and high-level metrics.

We know customers. You can, too.

The more you know about your customers, the better provider you can be. Vantiv iQ lets you tap its deep business intelligence in data, analytics and reporting so you can translate SMB insights into action without the guesswork.

Reports that work wonders.

As an enterprise-class small business credit card processing reporting tool, Vantiv iQ is designed to streamline workflow. With it, you can conveniently and securely view all your customers’ transaction data filtered by card types, gift transactions, chargebacks and more.

See Vantiv iQ in action:

“As a small business owner, Vantiv iQ gives me a simple and holistic view into my payments data, so I can solve problems on my own quickly.”

– Crystal Spencer, pizza franchise owner

Made for merchants and banks alike.

Vantiv iQ delivers great benefits to unique business owners.

Benefits for small business merchant accounts:

  • Proactive notifications of financial items
  • Quick and easy access to transaction data
  • Adaptable credit card processing reports
  • Web-based portal, no software download
  • User-controlled admin settings
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Payment processing insight at your fingertips.

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