It’s good to be accepted. Get a virtual terminal and accept any payment, anywhere

Smarter, faster, easier payments are on-the-go. Wherever you are, wherever you go, Virtual Terminal Plus is the easy to use terminal alternative to safely accept any card type payment wherever you have an internet connection. Don’t lose another payment because you’re away from your business.

Accept payments, virtually everywhere

In-store, in-office or on the go Virtual Terminal Plus is everywhere your business is at the moment of acceptance. Accept credit, debit and even recurring payment transactions that protect card data per PCI DSS requirements with support of Level 2 and Level 3 payments for B2B and commercial customers. Manage transactions easily, efficiently and cost-effectively—without expensive alternative acceptance devices—and get convenient and comprehensive customer reporting too.

Features and benefits

Plus up the benefits

Virtual Terminal Plus is:

  • Efficient—consolidated statements let you see all merchant services fees at a single glance
  • Multi-user friendly—manage and support multiple users and locations
  • Convenient—accessible anywhere via popular web browsers
  • Simple—with an easy-to-use web interface
  • More secure—payment data is stored on our PCI compliant server platform. An encrypted device can be added, purchased, for an additional layer of security

With Virtual Terminal Plus you can:

  • Easily generate refunds and reversals
  • Manage recurring payments and schedules
  • Administer and authenticate multiple users, based on roles and permissions you define
  • Create recurring payment schedules
  • Customize user fields to capture additional customer transaction details with each payment transaction 
  • Conduct simple customer searches for historical transaction
  • Automatically generate end-of-day batch settlement 
  • Protect card data per PCI DSS requirements and support Level 2 and Level 3 payments for B2B and commercial customers 

All wrapped up with comprehensive reporting.
It’s time not to miss another payment, ever again.