MasterCard is adding a new range of credit card numbers that begin with a ‘2’

If you see references to “MasterCard 2-Series,” now you’re in the know! The new 2-series cards will work the same as the current 5-series cards that begin with a “5.”

It’s important you verify that your payment terminal/software is ready to accept the new 2-series cards – be sure to act now!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Test your POS terminal for readiness
  • If necessary, update your POS terminals and/or cash register 

Run a test transaction!

Follow the quick steps listed below to test your compliance with the 2-series expansion. Use the following test card number: 2223520043560014

Verifone terminal:

  1. Press “sale”
  2. Type in desired amount, then press green button
  3. Type in card number, then press green button
  4. If response is:
    1. “Invalid card number” – Your terminal is enabled for MC 2 Series.  No further action required at this point.
    2. ”Card not allowed” – Your terminal is not yet enabled for MC 2 Series.  Follow the download instructions below based on your terminal type to update the acceptance and compliance of your device

Verifone Download Instructions

Other terminal devices, hardware or software

Follow your normal card acceptance process to verify. The message received may be different than the responses above. Please contact us or your third-party provider for verification.

Ingenico terminal:

  1. Press the green "Enter" button
  2. Press 1 for the sale option
  3. Press 1 for credit
  4. Type in desired amount,  then press green button
  5. Confirm amount by pressing the green button
  6. Tip required? If yes, press green button. If no, press “ ---“ button underneath the word “no” (if enabled)
  7. Type in card number, then press green button
  8. If response is:
    1. “Invalid card number” – Your terminal is enabled for MC 2 Series. No further action required at this point!
    2. “Card not allowed” – Your terminal is not yet enabled for MC 2 Series. Contact your technical support help desk (phone number on your monthly statement) to get the current upgrade for your terminal

Ingenico Download Instructions

When do I need to complete the test and possibly update my terminal programming or device for the new 2-series cards? Act Now!

MasterCard is already issuing cards beginning with a '2' to some cardholders. You don’t want to miss potential sales because your terminal is not updated. MasterCard is also sending out secret shoppers to verify businesses are prepared.  While MasterCard will not issue fines for a few months, it is imperative your business is ready for the 2-series.

What else do you need to know?

MasterCard is helping businesses like yours prepare for this important expansion by conducting assessments to uncover any internal systems and processes potentially affected by the expansion to 2-series.

All merchant POS (Point of Sale) terminals and related systems, webpage checkout software and anywhere a MasterCard card number is accepted or housed, must be 2-series ready. If your terminal is not updated for 2-series acceptance, your business could suffer unnecessary financial losses or be subject to non-compliance fees from MasterCard.  

For More Information

Click here for more details from MasterCard on timing, how this impacts different audiences and more. Or reach out to your support help desk at the phone number listed on your monthly statement.

Have Questions? Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions. You may reach us at the service numbers listed on your terminal sticker, welcome booklet, or monthly statement.