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Fraud’s gone undercover. Expose it with Vantiv.

Fraud is the super-villain plotting to compromise your cardholder data and drain your financial institution of vital revenue. We’re the special agency that helps you fight back with superior security solutions proven to help disable the effects of fraud. Deploy Vantiv’s sophisticated protection.

We’re ready to start improving your institution’s payment security by reducing your card fraud losses by 10 percent.* Just give us the go-ahead – contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

Vantiv OmniShield outperforms the industry.*

  • Gross fraud basis points decreased 14 percent year-over-year
  • Net fraud basis points decreased 36 percent year-over-year
  • Limited the average number of fraudulent transactions to 3:1 per card compared to the U.S. issuer average of 3:6
  • Averaged $36 lower loss per card than the U.S. issuer average
  • Averaged 32 percent lower gross fraud in Q4 2016 than the U.S. issuer average


*Individual results may vary and are dependent on several factors, including information provided by your financial institution and a final comprehensive analysis.
*Vantiv issuer fraud rates vs. US issuer (Visa, MasterCard) averages based on Q4, 2016 MasterCard Benchmarking Report.