Fresh payments solutions for supermarkets.

Whether your shop is the corner market or a burgeoning megastore, our supermarket credit card processing solution will help keep your operations running smoothly. Vantiv already serves almost 70% of the grocery payments made in the U.S.

Supermarket credit card processing, coupled with terminals and POS systems that are accurate, efficient, and high tech.

We get it—pricing and inventory change constantly at a supermarket. Weekly deals, agricultural seasons, and supply and demand that affect grocers all impact your prices. You need a solution that can keep up. 

Payment Processing

No matter how your customers choose to pay, Vantiv offers assurance that transactions will be safer and more accurate. From credit and debit to EBT and mobile pay and gift cards, the options are endless.

EMV and Encryption

Build customer trust and help protect your business with a comprehensive and customizable payment security solution. Take proactive steps to help secure your business.

Transaction Routing

Take control and optimize your payment acceptance costs. Vantiv Prime uses an in-depth routing algorithm designed to maximize debit savings. Vantiv offers ongoing optimization and advisory services.


Online and easy-to-use, Vantiv iQ is a robust reporting tool to access your payment processing data. View all your transaction data broken down by card types, gift transactions, chargebacks, and more.