The gift of a new year.

Did you know that 2/3 of gift card consumers spend 38% more than the card's value? Or, that 55% of gift card users visit your store more than once to deplete their card? Isn't it time to consider gift cards for your business?

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Small business credit card processing.

Giving small businesses the best credit card solutions and service isn’t just something we say. It’s a fact we put into practice day-in and day-out. Here are some of the products we put forward to grow your business:

Gift Cards

Custom gift card solutions complete with POS displays and no set-up fees.
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Prepaid Card Solutions

A branded tool to manage payments, run promotions and reward employees.
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We keep you informed of credit card processing trends and buying behavior.

Staying up on industry trends and customer buying behaviors is a big part of how we help improve your business. But we also offer financing solutions. They’re simple, flexible and provide a one-stop small business credit card processing solution for streamlining billing and repayment. 

Friends of small businesses.

Vantiv understands the worlds of restaurant, retail and service. We know the demands of these unique industries and respond with products and credit card solutions that are easy to integrate, operate and manage.


Our restaurant POS solutions serve up performance
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We deliver the best to your business
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Flexible and diverse payment processing option
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Insights For Your Advantage

Is it time to rethink loyalty programs? (on

Deals, promos, points, rewards. How do you reinvent your loyalty program in an omni-channel world to make it stand for something that customers actually want? And are they even worth it in the end?
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What's Fueling Prepaid's Growth

Vantiv’s studies have shown that more and more consumers are predisposed to purchasing with prepaid.
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