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Small businesses breathe life into our communities. Your business is the center of your universe. Embrace merchant services tailored to your needs.

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Merchant accounts that fit your business

In-store or online, merchant services make payments safe and secure. Accept credit cards anywhere you do business. From soap and suds to beer and spuds, mowing the grass to pumping the gas, teaching to taxis—there’s a merchant account that’s just right for you. Select a business type below and learn more about innovative payment solutions crafted in your image.

“But what if my business is truly unique?”

We understand. Let one of our payments experts craft a custom solution around your needs. Start a conversation—don’t let your growth become stuck in a box.

Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Spend more time cooking up winning food experiences. Less time looking for easier, safer payment experiences. 
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Retail Credit Card Processing

Walk the floors more, helping customers. Rest easy at the register knowing that you've got faster, safer payments at the checkout. 
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Salon Merchant Account

Shampoo, style, massage and tend. Payment options that are easy, safe are your new best friend. 
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eCommerce Merchant Account

Online is all-the-time. Get some of the fastest online payments available with all the data security and fraud protection you need too.  
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Pharmacy Merchant Account

Caring for colds and flus and everyday care requires lots of personal attention. It’s time for a new prescription on payments that return the care for you and your customers.  
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Small Business Merchant Account

The backbone of business and employment deserves star status. Whatever your small business, get payment options and processing to keep the big boys on their toes. 
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B2B Payment Processing

Business-to-business payments don’t need to be tricky.  Interchange management, intuitively-intelligent reporting and more options than you can wave an invoice at.
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Non Profit Credit Card Processing

Payments worthy of your cause. Maximize donations, improve donor retention. Focus on what matters with complete peace of mind payments—safer and more secure. 
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Internet Merchant Account

Whether you’re just getting started in selling online or you’re already a major eCommerce merchant, Vantiv has just the right payment processing solutions to super-charge your online sales.
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Franchise Credit Card Processing

Across locations, across inventories, and with more options for customers to order and pay. Payment solutions with the unique needs of your business model in mind. 
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Gas Station Credit Card Processing

Pump and fill, wash and shine. Snacks and extras to the bottom line. Keep an eye on them with payments systems designed for your world on the go. 
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Hotel Credit Card Processing

Staff should focus on creating great guest experiences, not on managing payments. More satisfaction at the front desk with payments that make checkout equally hospitable.  
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Law Firm Credit Card Processing

Confidence and compliance—keys to your success as attorneys. Consider payments from a leader in simplifying the complexity of complicated payment needs—securely.  
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Church Credit Card Processing

Focus on followers knowing you have fast, faithful payments covered. Faith-based giving backed by secure credit and debit card transactions. 
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Dentist Credit Card Processing

Care and compliance go hand-in-hand in any dental office. Payment processing to remove care about compliance and safety, leaving you more time for patients. 
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Health Club Payment Processing

Creating environments of physical fitness is your aim. Our game is to get your payments in tip top shape—membership fees, dues, and all the extras.  
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Corporate Merchant Solutions

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, tracking your business travelers, it’s a lot to mind. Covering the complexity of corporate payments—safer and more secure.  
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Taxi Credit Card Processing

It’s an uber-fast world running a taxi business. Keep drivers driving, customers jumping in and out and payments processing smoothly, swiftly.  
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Medical Merchant Account

Sensitive information, delicate situations are part of the art of smart care. Compliance, data security and fraud protection are part of the science of smart payments.  
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Education Payment Processing

Tending to little tots and toddlers, and teaching inquiring minds should be your focus.  Processing campus, facility, and tuition payments—safely, securely—ours.  
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Supermarket Credit Card Processing

Two-thirds of U.S. grocery payments are already processing in our cart.  Process more produce, speed up your checkout line—smarter, faster, easier payments.       
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Contractor Merchant Account

You build to create better environments for us. We’ve built a better payments ecosystem for you.  
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Liquor Store Credit Card Processing

Help more people create safer celebrations with your store-bought libations. Good times  return to you at checkout with smarter, safer payments that protect your bottom line.
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Car Wash Credit Card Processing

More cars covered in soap and suds. Fewer customers stuck with payment option duds. Providing you the convenience and security to make your business shine. 
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Property Management Payment Processing

Build better relationships with residents. Encourage more recurring payments for rent and incidentals, automatically. Payment options to make you master of your domain.  
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Daycare Payments Processing

When your daycare, childcare, or preschool needs more than just payments.
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Coffee shop credit card processing

Running a busy coffee shop means being efficient to serve customers fast. When it comes to credit card processing, you need proven payment technology that works as fast and as hard as you do.
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Dry cleaning POS systems

Dry cleaning may be a traditional service, but today it’s one that serves a modern consumer with elevated service expectations.
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Marina Credit Card Processing

Get on board with credit card processing that serves the needs of all customers in your marina.
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Jewelry store credit card processing

Create lasting memories for customers by selecting credit card processing that's cut to perfection.
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Brewery & winery credit card processing

Brew your credit card processing and merchant services needs to perfection with custom selections.
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Insurance payment processing

Serving the needs of your insurance customers often means outgoing payments to satisfy a claim or an annuity.
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Airline Payment Processing

Flying high in the airline industry requires payments engineered for every type of flight.
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“Worldpay is flexible and can work with nearly any POS system. My former processor was a source of frustration but Worldpay’s collaborative, versatile approach has reduced my stress.”

--Renee Gallo, Treasury Analyst, Eureka Foods

Buttoned up payments for any type of business

Are you ready for credit card processing, but off-the-rack doesn’t fit? Then it’s time for a merchant account tailored to your business. You know the importance of payments. We know the importance of a snug fit, so payments don’t get in the way.

From the latest terminals to accept credit cards to fully-integrated POS systems that sync with all your business operations, we’ll weave the best fit for your size. Whether it's payment gateway services or reporting and analytics we can help you see your own picture in the clearest focus

Mastering merchant credit card processing

Consumer habits are always changing. So are payments. Keeping up is tough, especially when the goalposts always seem to move. Thankfully, you don’t have to become a payments expert to benefit from expert payments. Vantiv, now Worldpay, has payment experts to spare. We’ve made payments smarter, faster, easier, and safer. Accepting credit cards used to be hard. Now it’s easy.

Point of Sale (POS) flexibility

  • Terminals – a wide range of EMV and encryption-enabled equipment including:
    • Ingenico iCT220, iCT250, iPP310
    • Verifone Vx520
  • POS Systems – over 800 integrated software vendors and partners offering choices including:
    • Virtual terminal
    • eCommerce solutions
    • Mobile acceptance

Acceptance made simple

  • Card Payments – accept all popular card brands and types: credit, debit, gift, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

  • Mobile Payments – accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more

  • ACH & eCheck Payments – great for recurring and subscription payments

Data security & fraud protection

  • Omnishield Assure – protect your business with four points of security for safe payment acceptance and reduced fraud liability:
    • EMV acceptance
    • PCI compliance
    • Breach assistance
    • Point-to-point encryption

Optimized payment experiences

  • Vantiv iQ – streamline workflow with advanced data analytics and reporting. Transaction data by card types, gift, chargebacks, proactive alerts, and more

  • Customer service & support – access 24/7/365 support from our experienced, knowledgeable, award-winning team

Merchant accounts that protect

Merchant credit card processing should include smarter, faster, easier payments that are safer too. Secure your customers and your business with an all-in-one solution. Cover the major threats of card data security and point-of-sale fraud. Get PCI support. OmniShield Assure provides you with piece of mind payments.