Airline payments, ready for takeoff

Flying high in the airline industry requires payments engineered for every type of flight. The demands of serving airline customers are unlike those in any other industry. Meet those demands by partnering with a payments partner as skilled and experienced as your most trusted pilots.

Payments that arrive on time, every time

Success in the aviation industry requires lock-down logistics. From boutique charters to global airlines, offering seamless payment experiences is critical to keeping your customers happy. Providing travel for passengers and cargo that’s both safe and convenient is an airline’s core mission. Delivering on the promise of safety and convenience is vital with payments, too. Secure payments transactions, state of the art fraud detection and PCI-DSS compliance are just the beginning. Smooth and simple payment experiences are essential to keeping passengers coming back to your airline, instead of your competitors.

Your leading squadron of payment tools

The needs of airline passengers seem simple at first—they’re just trying to get from ‘point a’ to ‘point b.” But serving the needs of today’s airline passengers is far more complex than it seems on the surface. Simply put, airline passengers want easy ways to pay, and change is always around the corner. You need to be ready for turbulence at every stage of the customer journey.

Airlines have demanding payment needs, no matter how large or small. Airline payment transactions are larger and more complex than in most consumer-facing industries. Cancellations and modifications of flights are routine. Whether initiated by customers or the result of weather, mechanical or other reasons, plans are always changing, and so are the transactions associated with those plans. Payments are processed both from new and repeat customers every day. Your customers come from around the world, they want to pay in a variety of ways, and the status of those payments may change several times for each transaction.

Worldpay serves airlines and other aviation industry businesses across the world. We understand the unique demands of the aviation industry. Worldpay stands ready with the people, tools, technologies, and support you need for your busy aviation business. We’ll help you accept payments, safely and conveniently no matter how your passengers want to pay.

Flexible payments for airlines to soar with customers

When it comes to payments, airline passengers demand maximum flexibility. Allowing your customers to pay the way they want removes stress from what can be typically stressful situations. Today that means airlines should be prepared to take payments online, over the phone, in person, and with a mobile device.

Accepting online payments has never been easier, starting with accepting credit and debit cards. ACH and eCheck services are excellent solutions for long-standing regular customers and a great way to keep the costs of payment acceptance low. Although online sales are now a major component of virtually all airline reservation systems, phone sales are still important. A virtual terminal makes it easy to take payments over the phone, safely and securely. For larger airlines that process high volumes of customer interactions by phone, payments can be integrated with interactive voice response (IVR) systems

Airlines still serve customers face-to-face, both through reservation systems and increasingly for other add-ons, even those in-flight. Integrated point of sale systems can be customized to handle transactions at the reservation counter, while mobile acceptance is easier than ever in-flight.

Worldpay partners with airlines around the world to customize support solutions. Payment downtime can be disastrous with the 24/7 demands of the airline business. Our cutting edge equipment and software are backed by a service team that understands the urgency of providing exceptional service. Airline passengers are stressed enough—they don’t need a payment hassle to slow down their plans. Worldpay’s world-class support ensures that your airline can flexibly respond to clients and smooth out any turbulence they may encounter with their transactions.

Keeping payments safe to fly

Airlines understand the critical importance of safety. Maintaining a safe fleet, following maintenance best practices and passing all safety inspections is more than just good business—it’s essential for success. Operating a safe and secure aviation business requires the best people, state of the art tools, and rock-solid procedures seamlessly working together.

Ensuring the safety and security of digital payments is critical, too. Today, digital assets and payment services are critical assets that require protection. You need trusted mechanics to ensure the safe operation of your passengers and cargo. When it comes to your money—and that of your customers—safe, fast, and convenient passage is also critical. That’s where the trusted payments partner can help.

Worldpay works with airlines and aviation businesses around the world to keep you—and your passengers—safe from bad actors. We’ll work with your business to implement the latest in payment security including state of the art tools, technologies, and equipment that help to propel fantastic customer experiences. From EMV-compliant technologies to sophisticated online fraud detection, our secure payment systems help minimize the impact of fraud. We’ll help protect your business navigate industry regulations, including PCI compliance. Our fully integrated payments are flexible, scalable, and designed to support your total customer experience, from the ground up.