Jewelry store credit card processing

Create lasting memories for customers by selecting credit card processing that's cut to perfection. We design credit card processing specifically for your jewelry store so you can focus on helping customers celebrate life’s most extraordinary moments.

Payments, in a perfect setting

Jewelry stores are truly unique. The jewelry business has its own rhythms that are built around customer journeys. Those customer journeys range from the wildly impulsive to the meticulously planned. When a customer’s dream becomes a sale for your business, nothing can get in the way. When it comes to credit and debit card payments, that experience needs to be flawless. Jewelry stores need payments in a perfect setting to create timeless moments, and loyal customers.

Jewelry credit card processing that’s a cut above

Jewelry is more than just items of decoration—jewelry represents ideas, aspirations, special moments, and lasting bonds. Jewelry represents stability, trust, and value. Though often sentimental, jewelry’s value is also substantial and concrete, which means jewelers require security that is second to none. Jewelry is extraordinary, so it isn’t purchased like ordinary items.

Worldpay understands these needs. We’re the payment partner for local and regional jewelry stores just like yours, around the world. Just like your business, ours starts with a foundation of trust gained through the experience of processing $1.5 trillion in transactions annually.

Just like your business, Worldpay succeeds by listening to our customers and crafting solutions for the way you work. On the front end we build comprehensive payment services so you can offer seamless experiences for your customers. On the back end we protect your business with industry-leading security technology that gives you—and your customers—peace of mind.

A point of sale experience, polished to perfection

The experience jewelers provide at the point of sale is a critical link in the overall customer experience. Whether the purchase is large or small, for the everyday or for the most special days of all, you want your customers to be thinking about your jewelry and all it represents.

Creating the perfect point of sale experience starts with a point of sale system designed for your business. Simple credit card terminals may have a traditional look, but they are modern workhorses of commerce. Credit card terminals offer straightforward simplicity coupled with the most advanced security, perfect for low-volume transactions. For larger jewelers, those with expansive inventory or businesses looking to integrate digitally, comprehensive point of sale (POS) systems provide power and flexibility at your fingertips.

Crafting experiences for today’s jewelry consumers

Today’s consumers begin all of their shopping journeys with elevated expectations. Nowhere is this truer than in jewelry, where already high service expectations demand a commitment to providing exceptional service.

For many jewelry stores, that means creating seamless payment experiences for customers in-person, online, and over the phone. That means you’ll need a payments partner that understands all the ways you need to service your customers.

Worldpay helps jewelry stores create exceptional experiences, wherever they may take place. We’re experts in eCommerce, globally. However you do business online, we’ll be there to help you accept card payments while using the latest technologies to help prevent fraud and secure your data and that of your customers. For phone orders, we offer a fully compliant virtual terminal solution.

A foundation of trust and security

Trust is the foundation upon which reputations are built and maintained. Jewelers work lifetimes to develop a reputation for trust and authenticity—they need credit card processing with security set in stone.

All businesses that accept credit and debit cards need to take basic essential steps in order to safeguard their business. Jewelers have an added burden: they are historical targets of not just ordinary theft, but among the most daring and sophisticated thieves of any era.

Physical stores require proven and sophisticated security and alarm systems. Payments need to be every bit as secure. Worldpay offers secure fully-compliant payment systems, robust security based on industry best practices and fraud protection that uses the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to help keep your jewelry store safe.

Working with high-value transactions

You’re about to make a big sale. A customer is about to make one of the most important and meaningful purchases of their life. Failure isn’t an option. You need credit card processing that understands your business. For jewelers, that means a payments partner that understands jewelry often includes high-value transactions.

For example, fraud filters need to be calibrated specifically to the rhythms of jewelry stores. For a convenience store that routinely processes many small transactions, a high-dollar transaction would be a strong indicator of fraud. Jewelers need a payments partner that works to understand what makes sense for your business in order to minimize false declines and maximize acceptance rates. Instead of an off-the-shelf solution, Worldpay crafts payment intelligence around the way your business operates.