Dry cleaner credit card processing – delivered

Dry cleaning and laundry customers care about more than just appearance. Clothing is personal, and your customers want personalized service on demand. Dry cleaning operators need credit card processing that keeps pace too, custom-fit to your needs.

Don’t get taken to the cleaners with merchant services.

Dry cleaning is a competitive, high volume, fast paced business. Running a successful dry cleaning or laundry business means countless hours of hard work. Your days are spent managing employees, equipment, and most of all demanding customers. When it comes to processing credit and debit cards, you need a merchant services partner you can trust. You need service and support you can rely on to grow your business.

Advanced credit card processing for today’s dry cleaners

Dry cleaning may be a traditional service, but today it’s one that serves a modern consumer with elevated service expectations. Dry cleaners need to work harder than ever keep pace with those habits. Meeting those needs means your business requires merchant services built for today, and tomorrow.

Worldpay understands this. We partner with dry cleaners everywhere so we understand the importance of providing safe, fast, and reliable payment processing. Your product needs to be spotless. Credit and debit card processing needs to be spotless, too. What we’ve learned is that serving your business means understanding the way you work.

Dry cleaning essentials: Point of sale systems

The point of sale is where it all happens—it’s where your hard work is acknowledged by your customers. Providing a seamless, easy, and accurate checkout experience is an essential part of excellent customer service. Thankfully there are flexible POS solutions built for the way your business works.

For those who want to keep it simple, credit card terminals are safe, reliable, and easy to use and today’s credit card terminals are more powerful than ever. When you partner with Worldpay they’ll all be equipped with the most recent security features, like chip card acceptance. Simple and unassuming countertop credit card terminals will surprise you with the ability to accept contactless payments from smartphone-based mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For larger operations or ones that hope to grow, integrated point of sale (POS) systems are up to the task. Today’s POS systems can transform your point of sale into a virtual command center that links your sales data to accounting, inventory, and other vital business functions. Modern technology like touchscreens makes accepting payment easier and faster than ever. There are even POS systems specifically designed for the needs of laundry and dry cleaning companies.

Flexible payments, beyond the basics

With Worldpay as your payments partner, you can accept payment over the phone, online, or in person. With mobile acceptance, your delivery drivers can even accept payments with a smartphone.

Taking orders over the phone is still a reality for many business including laundry and dry cleaning. For those businesses that also process payments over the phone, a virtual terminal can be a perfect solution. This means you can accept credit, debit, or direct bank payments with just a computer and an internet connection, leaving your counter staff free to serve other customers.

Dry cleaning and laundry services are best known from their traditional brick-and-mortar roots. Dry cleaners have been online for years, and more and more are taking the dive into eCommerce. Many consumers demand conveniences today like online payments, even when they may come into your store or have items picked up. Making that possible is now easier than ever.

Technology is transforming everything about business—even pickup and delivery. Easy to implement mobile payment solutions can transform every smartphone into a credit card acceptance terminal. Having your customers be able to pay simply and easily from wherever they are was nothing more than a dream a decade ago. Today, that’s the reality for many dry cleaners and laundromats around the world.

Security and support that won’t leave you hanging

You’ve worked too hard to have your business suffer losses related to fraud. You know that your business reputation is built on trust. You know that trust is the foundation of your relationships with your customers.

Worldpay understands that there’s nothing more important than securing your business. We’re experts in payment security and will stand with you to deploy the latest in state of the art equipment and secure systems. We’ll work with you to help keep your business in compliance by following security best practices, equipping you with the most secure hardware and technology available, and by providing services like encryption and tokenization that safeguard vital data for you and your customers. Worldpay also works tirelessly to protect businesses like yours from payment fraud.

Complex modern systems are bound to experience a hiccup here and there. For those times when a helping hand is needed to work through an issue, Worldpay offers industry leading 24/7 support. Payments are the lifeblood of dry cleaning and laundry businesses. We understand the importance and are dedicated to providing processing that is fast, reliable, safe, and supported.

Interested in learning more about how Worldpay can provide your laundry or dry cleaning business exceptional merchant services? Reach out to one of our payments experts today, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.