A secure, reliable eCommerce merchant account that backs your business and your brand.

Safer, more secure, super-charged online payments for your eCommerce business are affordable too. 

eCommerce processing rates as low as 2.7% + $.30 per transaction*

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Online credit card processing, just for your business.

Vantiv understands the unique needs of your Internet business—and, we certainly understand payments processing, with decades of experience in our industry. So whatever types of goods and services you’re selling online, Vantiv capabilities rise up to meet your challenges.  We offer online payments processing that’s fast, easy, and secure, so you can focus on what’s important.

Stay two steps ahead of ecommerce fraudsters.

With the recent U.S. implementation of EMV and chip cards, fraud is at the top of everyone’s mind. But, as an online business, can you really take measures to prevent payments fraud? With Vantiv, you can. We offer our comprehensive online payment fraud protection suite to help you outwit internet fraudsters. Vantiv OmniShield capabilities have you covered online everywhere you need to be and nowhere you don’t, with customizable features specific to the needs for your online payment processing.   

Tokenization provides an additional layer of protection.

Tokenization is, simply put, the scrambling or concealment of sensitive data while in transit between your systems and other systems you need to access, such as your processor or bank. It may sound complicated but, in fact, tokenization is one of the simplest ways to protect your data against potentially disastrous data breaches. Here are four ways that tokenization can help protect your online credit card processing:

  • Removes sensitive cardholder data from your system
  • Easy to implement and use tokens
  • Reduces your scope of PCI-DSS compliance
  • Maintain access to your data, whenever you need it

We’re open for development.

Have your own developers who want to code your systems for you? Makes sense to us. That’s why we allow you to code, test, and certify everything we offer. Simply download one of our SDKs (PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, or Python) to get started. If you came through an existing cart, simply grab one of our third-party extensions, Magento or OpenCart. We make it easy for you to make our systems your own.

Overcome the chargeback challenge.

Let’s face it: chargebacks and other disputed transactions are a part of selling online. But, they don’t have to impact your bottom line so much. With our online payment fraud protection suite, we’ll help you pinpoint the two-thirds of chargebacks that are likely associated with fraud, so you won’t get taken. You’ll also receive daily alerts on confirmed fraudulent activity from card issuing banks to save you hassle. And when chargebacks do happen—our chargeback analysts and detailed reporting have the handle on managing the process especially for internet merchants. 

Be ready to accept the full range of online payments options.

There are lots of payment options available today—and you want to be able to accept them all so you can attract the largest number of customers. That’s where we come in to help simplify the world of online credit card processing. Partner with us for your merchant processing, and you can:

  • Process ecommerce payments quickly and efficiently while letting your customers pay with their preferred credit card
  • Accept all credit card standards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®
  • Accept ACH, eCheck, and other alternatives including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and PayPal.
  • Process business, corporate, and purchasing cards in a snap, even Level II and Level III transactions

Get growing, going global online.  

An eCommerce merchant account should also be prepared to help you go global, accepting and settling payments that come from near and far to your corner of the online world.  Internal payments capabilities designed to help take you overseas with smarter, faster, easier payments.

A myriad of reasons to process online payments with us.

Experts estimate that the value of online B2C commerce transactions is currently growing by nearly 11% a year (Source: Statista). In an industry that’s already a major player in the global market, such growth is astronomical. Choose Vantiv for your online merchant account and help your business thrive in the online game for years to come. The benefits of choosing us for your online payment system include:

  • Simplified application and approval process
  • Competitive processing rates
  • Secure, protected transactions
  • Streamlined application to processing in one business day or less
  • Available directly through us, or through one of our trusted, integrated partners
  • Flexibility in your choice of technology
  • Highly scalable to your business’s future growth

Answers at your fingertips.

We’re known for being super-fast—always important in the world of the internet.  We’re equally known for a superior reporting experience available through Vantiv iQ.  Actionable intelligence—analytics and insights—about your customers, your business.  All designed to keep you moving, ahead, efficiently—more profitably. 

eCommerce processing rates as low as 2.7% + $.30 per transaction*

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* Price depends on payment processing services requested and merchant's processing volume. Additional fees may apply. Additional terms and limitations apply and this promotion my be changed or discontinued by Vantiv at any time.