Get the best in liquor store credit card processing.

Choose a liquor store credit card processing and platform designed for your everyday tasks. Easily manage credit card payments by signing up with Vantiv today.

Keep your liquor store running seamlessly, with a modern secure payments processing solution.

When you choose a terminal and point of sale system that’s designed just for liquor stores, your everyday tasks will be easier than ever. Organize and track your inventory, review recent sales, reward loyal customers, and much more with a specially designed liquor store credit card processing system.

Accept mobile payments in your liquor store and attract new, younger customers.

Today’s modern POS systems for liquor stores do so much more than just ring up sales—they also allow customers to pay how they want to pay. 51% of customers consider using a mobile app “a fast way to pay” (Source: Statista). So, choose a liquor store POS system that enables your customers to pay using a mobile app, which can help attract new customers, boost loyalty, and drive sales.

Track your inventory and manage your staff. 

Choose a fully integrated POS system that will help you manage and track your staff, so you make sure you always have enough employees to serve your customers. Such a system will also help you keep a close watch on your inventory, especially at peak sales times, so you don’t run out of your best-selling products. Run detailed reports at the touch a button to help you understand your business trends, busiest times of the day, and the most popular items in your store. 

Access reports on-demand.

With a modern POS for liquor stores, you can streamline all of your business operations in a single system, including both front and back end functions, along with customer service. Even if you manage your liquor store from a remote location, you’ll be able to always keep a keen watch on day-to-day operations. Use the POS system to pull detailed sales reports, inventory sheets, and much more. Built-in marketing support functionality allows you to automatically generate exclusive offers to loyal customers or to send mobile offers to customers in your store to encourage more spending in real-time.

Integrated payments processing that simplifies your business.

When you partner with Vantiv for your liquor store credit card processing, there won’t be any surprise costs or extra software to buy. In fact, smarter, faster, easier payment processing is already built into today’s most popular POS systems for liquor stores. 

When you choose Vantiv to accept your credit card payments, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Safe and secure processing of both debit and credit cards
  • Simplified payments, accepted from multiple locations
  • Gift and stored value cards to encourage loyalty and drive sales
  • Transaction protection with our OmniShield Assure all-in-one security solution
  • All-inclusive 24/7 phone and email support for your business—even on holidays
  • Advanced troubleshooting and alerts to help your business quickly resolve payment issues
  • Backup processing protection in case a network goes down