Enfield House of Pizza (EHOP) - Enfield, NH

Owners: Marguerite Bliss (aka Mom) and Lori Bliss Hill

Enfield House of Pizza (EHOP) - Enfield, NH
Years in Business: 26 years
Number of employees: 5-12 (including seasonal employees)

About Enfield House of Pizza:

Enfield House of Pizza (EHOP) is a family operated restaurant in Enfield, New Hampshire. EHOP offers a variety of exceptional food, including fresh pizza made daily from their own special pizza dough recipe and “secret” sauce.

Reasons for starting Enfield House of Pizza:

Enfield House of Pizza was founded in 1987 by Alex Korakas. Lori Bliss Hill became an employee while she was in high school and worked full-time in the pizza shop before going to college. Lori continued to work at EHOP throughout college. In 1991, Lori assumed full ownership and became the sole proprietor of Enfield House of Pizza. Lori studied business in college and it was a good fit for her to take this opportunity to run her own business.

Business challenges:

Human Resources management has been a great challenge to Lori. The job market is very competitive in this prominent location.

Business rewards:

The freedom of entrepreneurship.

Lori’s mother, Marguerite Bliss, was Lori’s first official full-time employee. Since then, they have been working together every day. Not only is EHOP a family affair, but it’s also a community

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