June 2018


Years in Business: 4+ years

Number of employees: 5 (two full-time staff, three part-time staff)

uBreakiFix helps customers repair electronic devices, including iPhones, iPads, computers, and game consoles. The Lake Mary, Fla., store was opened by Jeromy Padgett, Jackie Bradley, and Bill Vasquez in 2014. Jeromy saw the business potential and the franchise opportunity after working for the original uBreakiFix store for several years. Jeromy was confident in the business model, work ethics, business intelligence, and return for investment. uBreakiFix franchise was originally founded by Justin Wetherill in 2009, after he discovered the need for high-quality smartphone repairs. Today, uBreakiFix has hundreds of stores across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

Business challenges

Cold-calling and creating partnerships with large corporations in the local area can be challenging. Sometimes, there is a bid-and-compete process with other vendors in order to win contracts with those large companies.

uBreakiFix Lake Mary has low staff turnover; however, the repetitive and routine work can be challenging for staff. Therefore, the store offers various incentives to motivate employees and keep them engaged, including a monthly bonus at certain sales volume, bonuses for selling accessories, as well as employee discounts for accessories and free repair services.

Successful marketing and promotions

The store takes advantage of the franchise’s tried-and-true business model and the opportunity to learn from the corporate office and other business owners, including what marketing campaigns work and which ones don’t. Partnership with local phone carriers has been effective for uBreakiFix Lake Mary to increase store foot traffic and acquire new customers.

Employees are encouraged to ask how customers hear about the business and track the information in the system. uBreakiFix Lake Mary also uses Google AdWords to attract new customers on the internet. Facebook is also used on a periodic basis.

What differentiates uBreakiFix Lake Mary?

  • Quality parts at reasonable prices

  • uBreakiFix believes that a repair is only as good as the quality of the parts used. The store uses quality and reliable parts to fix electronic devices at reasonable prices.

  • Customer-centric and word-of-mouth

  • uBreakiFix cares about people and their tech. That’s why uBreakiFix puts their customers above anything else. The store strives to provide the best customer service through passionate and tech-savvy employees, quick turnaround time, high quality parts, and continuous learning as technology continually evolves.

  • Franchise network

  • Compared to independent businesses, the franchise network offers tremendous support to their franchisees. uBreakiFix provides a proven business model and stays on the cutting edge of an evolving technological world. uBreakiFix takes pride in the spotless and simple look and feel of their stores. The Lake Mary store not only leverages marketing support from the franchisor, but also collaborates with other franchisees for larger marketing campaigns such as sponsoring Orlando Magic basketball games. Each franchisee is assigned a corporate representative to help them get started and provide routine assistance along the way. uBreakiFix also provides an online portal for ongoing training and information.

Community Impact

uBreakiFix Lake Mary is actively involved in the local community work. The store sponsored the Lake Mary High School Athletic Club for two years and also participated in a local golf tournament fundraiser. Currently, uBreakiFix Lake Mary is planning to sponsor the Chet Lemon's Juice Baseball League. The store also participated in other local events and made donations to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Tips to other small businesses

  • Keep your cost down as much as possible, and make sure you have a savings cushion for the unexpected.

  • Have a business plan even though the franchise provides you with a successful business model. It is a learning journey, and make sure you are as prepared as you can be so that you are able to reap a good return on your investment.

  • Location, location, location.

  • Allow yourself enough flexibility if you decide to locate your store in a new building under construction as delays are often out of your control.

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