Security Matters

Fortify your business with knowledge and technology to keep the four major security threats at bay. Protecting your business from fraud, data compromise, PCI non-compliance and financial loss is simple when you have the right tools.

Secure your business against fraud and data compromise the smart way

Protect data

Protect data the moment a card is swiped and for the duration of the transaction with card data encryption. Tokenization even protects data being stored for future transactions and tip adjust.  

Reduce fraud

Merchants can be held liable for in-store counterfeit fraud involving chip cards.  Implementing EMV-capable terminals can help prevent certain types of fraud and reduce costly chargebacks.

Maintain PCI compliance

Navigating the quarterly network scans, self assessment questionnaires and other steps required to maintain PCI compliance can be time consuming and confusing. PCI assistance programs can help.

Secure finances

Failure to maintain PCI compliance can result in a data breach which comes with heavy fines and penalties. Breach protection provides financial assistance to cover certain breach-related costs.