StoreCard™ Your store. Your card.

An exclusive rewards and payment card designed to get new customers and keep them coming back.

Building a loyal customer base, more simply.

Every business wants to attract new customers, right? Many have a hard time doing so or differentiating themselves from competitors, especially the big box retailers. What if you had a program to help gain more customers, reward them for loyalty—while differentiating yourself from the competition on Main Street and in the Mall? You do. A customizable, turnkey, automated system that requires little effort on your part—built right into your current POS system.

Make your business mighty, your customers loyal, regardless of size

Part gift card, part rewards card, pure convenience. With StoreCard, your customers can give gifts, earn rewards, and pay with a plastic card or smartphone. However your business is built—from a single storefront to a far-flung franchise, StoreCard changes your gift card game.

Build sales & increase ticket size

Whether it’s loading rewards on to customer cards, or letting customers reload cards online, StoreCard can drive more paths to purchase. And additional features such as CardStudio, the eCommerce experience that lets customers purchase and send customized gift or eGift cards, can help you build more sales by engaging more and new consumers.

Increase foot traffic

When you create loyalty rewards, you determine reward amounts, and every time customers use their StoreCard, they receive value loaded directly onto StoreCard.

Streamline checkout with mobile payments

The Vantiv StoreCard can be converted into a digital gift card, letting customers use smart devices to pay for their purchases And, with auto-reload, customers always have funds available on their StoreCard.

User-friendly self-service

Using the StoreCard Manager website, customers can register and protect their cards, order gift cards and view transaction histories

*Unlimited transactions included with StoreCard at $29.99 per month. Does not include Mobile Transactions, Multi Store Reconciliation, and Card Studio purchases
*Card Studio is charged at 10-20% of the online card sale depending on set up
*Card Studio is not available in Canada

Additional info:

Seven signs that you should offer gift cards

Gift cards can help increase sales and foot traffic for merchants of all sizes and many verticals. Creative gift card promotions can also help increase customer activity at store openings, events and during slow times of the year. Take our quick, seven question assessment to see if your business would benefit from a gift card program.

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StoreCard Video:

Sarah’s Coffee

Watch this quick video to see how Sarah increased her coffee shop revenue by making it easier and faster for her customers to make purchases, and by rewarding them for stopping by more frequently.


Your store, Your card

Part gift card, part rewards card, pure convenience, Vantiv StoreCard is a product you can use to boost your bottom line.

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Card Studio:

Your very own online
gift card store

Card Studio is a merchant branded, ecommerce website that enables round-the-clock gift card sales.

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Grow Your Business

Sales-building solutions can enhance your customer experience, simplify operations, and help grow your business.

Simple, effective solutions enable you to reach mobile and online customers, offer customer rewards, reach new consumers and expand your sales.

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Whether it’s a cash advance to help with a long-dreamed of business expansion or faster funding to help pay those business expenses faster, we have options to suit your needs.

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Fighting fraud and securing data security are hot topics that can be difficult to unravel.

Preventing fraud, complying with PCI standards, preparing for new payment technologies like EMV and understanding encryption and tokenization can be overwhelming to even the most sophisticated merchant. Let’s simplify the process and help protect your business.

Your store. Your card. Vantiv StoreCard™