Seven signs that you should offer gift cards

Take our quick, seven question assessment to see if your business would benefit from a gift card program. Gift cards can help increase sales and foot traffic for merchants of all sizes and many verticals. Creative gift card promotions can also help increase customer activity at store openings, events and during slow times of the year.

1. Do you need to increase foot traffic at your business?

In general, for every gift card sold two people visit your business (the purchaser and the recipient).

2. Are you opening a new location? Hosting an event? Introducing a new menu or product?

Get the word out and increase business by customizing and mailing small denomination gift cards to local residents and businesses .

3. Is your business seasonal? Do you experience certain days, weeks or months out of the year when business slows considerably?

Gift card promotions are the perfect remedy to slow times. Learn how you can use gift cards to drum up traffic.

4. Are you struggling to build a loyal customer base?

The cash back rewards feature of the StoreCard™ is an easy rewards program your customers will appreciate. You can also use pre-loaded gift cards to thank loyal customers. For more loyalty building tips using gift cards, visit the best practice guide for your vertical.

5. Would you like an effective way to resolve customer service issues that also helps increase traffic?

Gift cards have many uses. Give an unhappy customer a pre-loaded gift card and they’ll return to redeem the card, providing you a second change to make a good impression. To wow your customers and make sure they come back, our typical recommendation is to give three times the value of the error. For instance, a $5 dessert error should result in a $15 gift card.

6. Do you need to differentiate your business from your competition by accepting mobile payments?

The StoreCard allows you to stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology. When you sign up for StoreCard, you get the benefit of offering your customers a mobile gift card. With 65% of Americans owning a smartphone,1 consumers both young and mature, tech-savvy and conservative, are catching on to mobile technology.

7. Do you want a product and marketing solution that is effective in driving sales and easy to implement, execute and track?

StoreCard is the solution for you!

  • Effective – Gift cards are effective because they are easy for customers to purchase and recipients to use. Plus, with StoreCard, customers can gain cash back rewards, making them more likely to return more often.
  • Flexible – Gift cards can be used for varying events, holidays or product promotions,
  • Trackable – Original card sales and card redemptions are run through your integrated POS, making them easy to track and evaluate.

Grow Your Business

Sales-building solutions can enhance your customer experience, simplify operations, and help grow your business.

Simple, effective solutions enable you to reach mobile and online customers, offer customer rewards, reach new consumers and expand your sales.

Grow business

Improve Your Business

Cash lets you be king.
For when you need it.

Whether it’s a cash advance to help with a long-dreamed of business expansion or faster funding to help pay those business expenses faster, we have options to suit your needs.

Secure Your Business

Fighting fraud and securing data security are hot topics that can be difficult to unravel.

Preventing fraud, complying with PCI standards, preparing for new payment technologies like EMV and understanding encryption and tokenization can be overwhelming to even the most sophisticated merchant. Let’s simplify the process and help protect your business.

If you answered YES to any of the above, then it’s time you considered a StoreCard gift program.