Faster funding, and smarter, easier financing to help grow your business

Accelerated Funding

Get funded, faster.

Vantiv’s Accelerated Funding solution is a faster way to get your money from payment processing transactions. Next Day Funding lets you use your money sooner to better run your business.

5 ways Accelerated Funding can help you:

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Merchant Financing

Want to expand? Need a new POS system? Looking to burst out into online? Don’t let a lack of cash hold you back. Vantiv Merchant Financing can help, no matter what the need. And, it’s easier to get and simpler to pay back.

Today, traditional bank financing can be hard to get and even harder to repay. Enter a simpler solution. Two paths to faster business-building cash. POS Financing for new POS systems or upgrades. Merchant Cash Advance Financing for other business needs.

POS Financing*

  • A traditional credit-based loan. The loan is secured by the newly-purchased POS. Fixed repayments are automatically deducted via ACH for a term of 2 to 5 years. Interest is competitive with major bank financing but offered through a specialist in POS for merchants.
  • Use this product for a new POS system or POS system upgrade. We connect our partner with your POS vendor to make this transaction smooth for you.

Merchant Cash Advance Financing*

  • A cash advance for business expenses or expansion, underwritten by a third party. Repayments are made from a percentage of daily credit card processing sales.
  • Use this product when you need to expand your business, add inventory, start a new location or smooth over cash flow in your slow season. We connect you with our partner and ensure that funding is smooth.

*Vantiv’s financing programs contain eligibility and other program specific terms and conditions.

Grow Your Business

Sales-building solutions can enhance your customer experience, simplify operations, and help grow your business.

Simple, effective solutions enable you to reach mobile and online customers, offer customer rewards, reach new consumers and expand your sales.

Grow business

Improve Your Business

Cash lets you be king.
For when you need it.

Whether it’s a cash advance to help with a long-dreamed of business expansion or faster funding to help pay those business expenses faster, we have options to suit your needs.

Secure Your Business

Fighting fraud and securing data security are hot topics that can be difficult to unravel.

Preventing fraud, complying with PCI standards, preparing for new payment technologies like EMV and understanding encryption and tokenization can be overwhelming to even the most sophisticated merchant. Let’s simplify the process and help protect your business.

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