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Is your business protected the way it needs to be? From the big areas that businesses like yours worry most about? Get more, secure. Your reputation, your business depends on it.

Big worries covered with OmniShield Assure

No one expects you to be a security expert. Payments fraud and data intrusions are real. You need to be covered across all four areas of common concern. (OmniShield Assure) does just that—helping protect your business from payments fraud, accepting payments safely and offering support in compliance and in the unfortunate event of a security breach.

Protecting transaction

When used with an EMV- and encryption-enabled device, terminal or POS system, (OmniShield Assure) lets you accept chip card transactions, protecting you from use of counterfeit or fraudulent cards and greatly reducing your fraud chargeback liability, while ensuring that card data is safely transmitted for processing. Card data encryption helps ensure that every card transaction is covered in the process of authorization, protecting data in transit. It also helps reduce your risk in the event of data compromise and helps reduce your scope of PCI compliance requirements.  When complemented with NFC technology the power to protect becomes the power to build—letting you accept mobile wallet payments such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, which work with NFC.

Compliance and breach protection

Our PCI assistance service makes it easier to achieve and maintain compliance, supporting you with tools like monthly network scanning tests, SAQ assistance, a security to-do list and more. It also includes breach protection which provides reimbursement for certain breach-related costs up to $100,000. Breach protection also includes up to $15,000 for post-breach hardware and software upgrades necessary to achieve compliance such as EMV dual interface terminals, encryption and tokenization solutions.

Credit card number storage

More businesses like yours of all kinds are offering services that require repeat, recurring payments over time. Our tokenization services protects card data at rest, replacing it with surrogate data, a token, which is useless to criminals. Tokenization allows you to securely offer stored credit card services, including recurring payments, adding tips to transactions, delayed shipping and card-not-present voids and returns. You can complement tokenization with account updater solutions that help you make sure you’re always using a customer’s most up-to-date stored-card data. That’s important when cards renew or are replaced with new card numbers for any reason.

Benefits of OmniShield:

  • Improve payment security
  • Reduce PCI compliance burden
  • Reduce chargeback liability risk
  • Accept customers’ preferred payment method
  • Reduce financial risk from breach
  • Improve customer experience
  • Help safeguard your reputation

More Information


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Why card data security is important

80% of breaches occur in small businesses​*
Two thirds of breaches involve restaurant, retail and hospitality*
A data breach can cost over $100,000 in penalties*
80% of small businesses who experience a data breach go bankrupt or experience severe financial difficulties within two years**

Sources: *2012 Trustwave Global Security Report. **Privacy Rights Clearing House, ITCR, site, 2013. DCRPOS, site, 2014, PCI Standards, site, 2014.

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