Leverage Channel-Agnostic OmniToken for a Customer-Centric Strategy



While 75 percent of leading retailers say an omnichannel strategy is essential for their business, only seven percent believe they’ve successfully deployed such a strategy.1

The biggest challenges impeding further progress in this area include IT integration and outdated legacy systems. Siloed technology – having separate systems for online and offline (in-store) purchasing – makes adaptation to changing consumer buying behavior a struggle.

OmniToken, a central feature of Vantiv OnDemand Payments, can help. It’s channel-agnostic (i.e., whether the payment is processed in-store or on your website), and Vantiv passes back the same tokenized credential. For example, if your customer purchases online and then swipes their card in your store, you can instantly tie the two interactions together using the shared OmniToken.

This is critical as your ability to instantaneously recognize that this is one customer is a major step in transitioning from a channel-centric system to a customer-centric one. With a holistic view of your customer across various touch points, you’re on your way to offering a seamless and satisfying omnichannel experience for consumers.

Did You Know?

Vantiv OnDemand Payments is available for large omnichannel merchants, providing unrivaled online and offline payment products from one vendor.

For more information about Vantiv OnDemand Payments, please contact your Vantiv relationship manager.

Five Insights into the Omnichannel Landscape: Evaluating the Significance of Current and Future Adoption, an eTail Research Report produced by WBR Digital.


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