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Visa recently introduced the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative, a new streamlined dispute process. Mastercard is expected to announce similar changes in 2019. This page is your one-stop resource for information regarding the new dispute and chargeback processes.

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Overview

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) is Visa’s new dispute (chargeback) program. The primary objective of VCR is to streamline the dispute process while migrating from a litigation-based dispute model to a liability assignment model. In addition, the process will proactively eliminate invalid disputes by leveraging existing data where possible. VCR will provide enhanced dispute rules that reduce timeframes and offer a faster end-to-end cycle time for resolution.

Effective April 14, 2018 every merchant, acquirer and issuer worldwide that processes through the Visa network will be required to implement the new VCR program rules.

What’s changing with VCR?

  • Visa has consolidated the 22 legacy reason codes into four dispute categories:
    • 10 – Fraud
    • 11 - Authorization
    • 12 - Processing Errors
    • 13 - Consumer Disputes
  • The four dispute categories are grouped into two distinct processes:
    • Allocation (10 and 11)
    • Collaboration (12 and 13)
  • Visa has shortened the end-to-end cycle for dispute resolution to 30 days.
  • No provisional credit will be given for the Allocation dispute process when a dispute is challenged.
  • Invalid disputes will be blocked when processed through the new set of business rules.
  • Chargeback processes and systems will be updated to reflect the new reason codes and case statuses effective April 14, 2018.

For more information about how VCR will impact your business, please refer to the following documentation:

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