Latest IQ update



Release 11.7 (November 17)

  • Add Large File Transfer to Checking Account Activity and Detail grids
  • Fix missing Order number on Disputes Detail Page
  • File Transfer – File should send for all status but pending
  • Fix issue with saving User’s Data Access in the User Admin tab
  • Add Large File Transfer to VT Reports grid
  • Add Large File Transfer to PIN Adjustment grid
  • Daily Totals – add a check box to the Daily Totals search criteria to separate by Terminal Number
  • Daily Totals – roll up search results by MID as the default
  • Daily total figures not matching what is returned in Large File Transfer – iQ Production
  • Fix Merchant Transaction Research Real Time Transactions Large File Transfer file
  • Merchant Transaction Research – when moving from Tran detail back to grid it should show same results
  • Add TID to Terminal Maintenance Screen in Self Service
  • VT Settle Transactions – Allow User to view settlement items when email has apostrophe
  • iQ VT transaction from Merchant Transaction Research – initiate Issue Refund user new hierarchy
  • Create a Large MID count Special Function
  • iQ Merchant Access – Merchant Maintenance – Edit MID needs to allow PO boxes in the address fields
  • Merchant Reports – fix users ability to pull reports by Division
  • Track Invited Users – iQ – do not show any users that are registered

Release 11.6.5 (November 3)

  • Corrected a display issue on the Reports function when choosing ACRO, if you have more than one
  • On the Reports function, reports can now be pulled by Division
  • Fixed an issue on the Dispute search that would not pull back records when searching on a MID that has moved stores
  • Improved the image conversion process when attaching documents to dispute cases
  • Fixed user name search on the Virtual Terminal report function

Release 11.6 (October 25)

  • File Transfer (upload / download via FTP) is now available to all users that had this feature in Direct / Express. For those users that are performing File Transfer in Direct; we will automatically be configuring their ids to send/receive the files through iQ the week of 10/30. To assist in the transition, a file transfer guide is available on the iQ home page. Note: The names of the files uploaded/download will not change.
  • Multiple changes to the Daily Totals Detail screen
    • Support for exporting up to 500,000 records (LFT)
    • Ability to request Facsimile Drafts
    • Added the fields Origin Type and Approved Amounts to the grids
    • The menu options available in Transaction Research (like card history, disputes history, etc.) are now available off the transaction found in the detail grid (what is shown depends on your entitlements)
    • Gift Card - records with Transaction Type of GB, GE and GEX will now be shown.
  • Multiple changes to the Transaction Research function:
    • Added Time as part of the search criteria
    • Corrected an issue when on occasion the data exported via large file transfer may not match results on screen
    • The field “Mobile Wallet” has been added to the Authorization and Settlement grids
  • When searching on a full card number in the Token Tools function; if the card number has not been tokenized, iQ will now provide back a token.

Release 11.5.1 (October 6 - release was rolled back)

  • Fixed a display issue seen with a few different browsers
  • When an admin invites a new user and opts to assign the user id – the system now checks to see if the id is valid and isn’t already used.
  • Organizations with over 600+ users – can now request that an user export file is generated (it will be available via large file transfer)
  • Improved error handling on the registration page to better inform user of why a resignation failed
  • When attempting a “forgot password” request, if the user entered in a wrong user ID, the system would show an unexpected exception.  This is has been corrected.

Release 11.5 (September 29)

  • If MIDs move to different stores, searching by MID on the Transaction research and Daily Totals screen will show all data for the MID, not just the MID/Store it’s currently setup for. This includes a fix that prevented issuing refunds (via Virtual Terminal) on transactions at MIDs that have moved hierarchy
  • Dispute search results now include RSP record types
  • Dispute details screen will now load faster
  • If a user enters a full card number, token, or Transaction/Draft Locator on the Merchant Transaction Research screen, they should see all transactions matching that value across their entire hierarchy without having to put in a date range
  • Fixed a problem when a user is on Merchant Transaction Research function and settlement records have disputes; users were unable to click on the yellow fly out for Card Disputes History and have records returned
  • Users that don’t have access to full card will not see any of the batch full card reports (today they can see the report in the grid, but get an error if they try to view)
  • Those users that receive the “Inactivity Alert” (partners), address has been added to the spreadsheet

Release 11.4 (August 24)

  • When a MID is moved to a new store, users are still will be able to find transactions on the MID, by searching “MID only” on the Transaction Research function
  • Users have access to full card number, POSA gift transactions will show in full on the card history, in the grid, and within the export file (LFT)
  • Users can now drill down to transaction detail on POSA transactions (on the Merchant Transaction research)
  • Improved performance when drilling down to the transaction detail (on the Merchant Transaction research)
  • Users can now mass export from the Daily Totals summary screen (up to 500,000 records)
  • Limit images when attaching to credit disputes to max size of 8.5x11
  • Gift Card - records with Transaction Type of GB, GE and GEX will now show on Merchant Transaction Research and Daily totals
  • Drilling down on Gift Card transactions on the Daily Totals summary screen – users will only see full gift card number if they have the appropriate entitlement
  • Users can now only enter in printable characters on the Virtual Terminal credit auth screen; preventing future issues with retrieving the transactions
  • Fixed a problem that prevented users with full card number to see full card number on the Disputes grid results
  • On the Virtual Terminal Transaction screens (credit and gift), Mail / Phone Indicator should always default to SNGL MAIL/PHONE


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