Latest IQ update



Version 11.4 of IQ was released on August 24. The following changes were implemented to enhance your IQ experience:

  • When a MID is moved to a new store, users are still will be able to find transactions on the MID, by searching “MID only” on the Transaction Research function
  • Users have access to full card number, POSA gift transactions will show in full on the card history, in the grid, and within the export file (LFT)
  • Users can now drill down to transaction detail on POSA transactions (on the Merchant Transaction research)
  • Improved performance when drilling down to the transaction detail (on the Merchant Transaction research)
  • Users can now mass export from the Daily Totals summary screen (up to 500,000 records)
  • Limit images when attaching to credit disputes to max size of 8.5x11
  • Gift Card - records with Transaction Type of GB, GE and GEX will now show on Merchant Transaction Research and Daily totals
  • Drilling down on Gift Card transactions on the Daily Totals summary screen – users will only see full gift card number if they have the appropriate entitlement
  • Users can now only enter in printable characters on the Virtual Terminal credit auth screen; preventing future issues with retrieving the transactions
  • Fixed a problem that prevented users with full card number to see full card number on the Disputes grid results
  • On the Virtual Terminal Transaction screens (credit and gift), Mail / Phone Indicator should always default to SNGL MAIL/PHONE


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