Latest IQ update




Release 11.9 (February 2)

  • Ability to search Reports, Merchant Summary and Disputes by super chain
  • Fixed sorting issues (by Amount) on the Transaction research and Daily Totals functions
  • Merchant Summary - Checking Account Activity - add LFT to UI
  • Merchant Reauth grid- add LFT to Reauth grid
  • Merchant Access - Terminal Maintenance screen - improve Terminal mis-match feedback message
  • Merchant Tran Research Issue Refund Enhancement - Add Refund History (VT and POS trans) to the 'Issue a Refund' screen
  • Merchant Summary Pin Debit link to MTR fix
  • Add 'Select All' Option to Merchant Number hierarchy in Merchant Summary search criteria
  • File Cabinet - update File Status filter dropdown to match results
  • Merchant Access, Add TID to Terminal Maintenance Screen
  • Add a ‘description” in the FTP Job creation process

Release 11.8 (January 22)

  • Dispute search- add Large File Transfer to Dispute grid
  • Merchant Token Tools - Batch Tokenize support for Reverse Crypto encryption (already support Omni token encryption)
  • Transaction Research - Real Time transaction Large File Transfer
  • Multiple UI Fixes across the site for alignment and spacing
  • Daily Totals - roll up search results by MID as the default (currently separating by Terminal Number)
  • Daily Totals - add a check box to the Daily Totals search criteria to separate by Terminal Number
  • Merchant Daily Totals - correct net-negative batch amount calculation in Summary section of Batch Detail screen
  • VT GC Mass Tran - fix Notes issue with special characters throwing an error on search results
  • Transaction Research - add code description in the Mail Phone Indicator column
  • Large MID Count Special Functions - special hierarchy control for merchants that have over 105,000 locations (Merchant Summary, MTR, Disputes, and SS, VT, PIN adj)
  • MTR - navigating from detail screen back to grid, retain previous grid results
  • UI Fix - Display full row height with no scroll bar if the number of rows in results in grid are only 1 or 2 or 3 rows (for all grids)


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