MasterCard New 2-Series MasterCard BIN Range Reminder



MasterCard is adding new primary account BIN ranges 222100-272099 to be processed in the same manner as existing range 510000-559999. Merchants are encouraged to visit for additional information.

 All merchant locations should now be able to accept the new MasterCard 2-Series BIN ranges.

June 30, 2017 – MasterCard implemented a compliance process for merchants identified as not being able to support the new 2-Series BIN.

  • MasterCard has begun identifying Vantiv merchants that are unable to support the new 2-Series BIN based upon their field testing
  • Vantiv is working directly with merchants to address non-compliance
  • A ‘cure period’ is being provided to merchants to resolve the acceptance issue
  • Merchants must demonstrate the acceptance issue is resolved by successfully processing a 2-Series BIN transaction from the identified acceptance location to avoid non-compliance assessments

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