MasterCard SecureCode Updates



MasterCard has removed the exclusion of MasterCard commercial cards from the merchant-only MasterCard SecureCode liability shift for domestic e-commerce transactions in the United States and Canada.

Commercial cards are now included as a valid product type for the SecureCode liability shift. An eligible e-commerce transaction may be subject to the merchant-only MasterCard SecureCode liability shift when the merchant has attempted cardholder authentication and the issuer has not provided an authentication response.

Additional Chargeback Guide Updates:

  • An issuer will no longer be able to use the following chargeback message reason codes to charge back commercial card transactions if the merchant has made an authentication attempt:

    • 4837 (No Cardholder Authorization)
    • 4863 (Cardholder Does Not Recognize)
  • An acquirer receiving a commercial card chargeback will be able to submit a second presentment on the basis that the chargeback was invalid


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