Help Protect Your Business this Holiday Season



In a post-EMV liability shift world, criminals continue to look for ways to commit fraud in your stores. One of the easiest ways to commit fraud in a card present environment is by forcing the card to be manually entered at the POS. 

With the spring 2017 release, Visa* and MasterCard introduced changes to their rules that allow you to optionally choose if you will accept manually-entered transactions. While the networks still allow merchants to protect themselves from manually-entered transactions by validating the CVV2/CVC2 for cards issued in the U.S. (through April 2018), merchants are not protected if the card was issued outside the U.S.

Let Vantiv help you protect your business by blocking manually-entered international cards at the POS. Contact your relationship manager today to find out how you can add this feature and protect your business before the start of the important upcoming holiday selling season.

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* Visa no longer requires EMV chip-accepting merchants to support manual key entry of transactions. Manual key entry support by EMV chip-accepting merchants will be optional and at merchants’ discretion. Merchants that do not have EMV chip-enabled terminal products must continue to support key-entered transactions.


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