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Webinar unveils payment essentials for large businesses


Last month, we hosted a webinar with three of our product experts. They covered a range of solutions from an expanded processing platform and a new foundation for loyalty programs to a first-of-its-kind security solution to help you keep your card transactions safe. Read more to get the highlights, or listen to the webinar replay here.

Processing North of the Border

Regardless of the industry they serve, large merchants have a common goal of minimizing costs and simplifying payment operations. Take Canadian processing for example. Anytime a merchant’s business crosses the border, they increase their payment complexity with new laws, regulations, and currencies, not to mention different front-end and back-office payment systems. But with Worldpay’s new Canadian processing solution, the complexity is decreased by combining the integration into one, simple North American integration.

“What we built was a complete North American solution. When you sign up with Worldpay, you get one Worldpay experience for both Canada and the US,” explained Scott Gerdes, Senior Product Manager. And he confirmed, saying, “You get the same value-added services like gift cards, fraud, transaction reporting; it’s the same platform so all of the solutions you use today in the US you can use in Canada.”

Loyalty Programs

Speaking of value added solutions, MerchantPay ACH is a new Worldpay value-add solution that will be generally available to all enterprise merchants next month. Similar to decoupled debit, MerchantPay ACH doesn’t have interchange fees, which creates quite a bit of cost savings. This cost savings can be given back to customers to help boost existing loyalty programs, or provide the foundation of a new loyalty program.

“With the help of extra incentives, it can provide that extra push for consumers to sign up for the card and use it on a regular basis” Senior Product Manager, Kyle Dant agreed.

Worldpay handles the account verification, maintenance, and security aspects of the program keeping the overhead costs to a minimum for the merchant. And with most consumers frequenting businesses that offer loyalty points, cost savings, or other incentives, it’s a great time to start investigating MerchantPay ACH.

Security Monitoring

Keeping card data secure is a big responsibility. And, for merchants who have multiple locations – in some cases hundreds of locations with thousands of different payment devices – it can be extremely time consuming, expensive, and difficult to know if each terminal or point of sale system is processing card transactions securely.

With ARMed, you can now monitor all of your terminals and ensure that each device is working correctly. Jeff Singleton, Principal Product Manager, is leading the charge and mentioned that ARMed is new for the industry.

“This sets us apart from our competitors as it provides an extra layer of security beyond encryption to ensure that we are protecting that data for you,” he explained. With multiple reporting options and custom alerts, ARMed provides a much easier way to ensure that businesses are keeping card data private and secure.

If you would like additional information, or, if any of these new products interest you, be sure to reach out to your Relationship Manager today.


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