Visa Extends Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Implementation Date



In order to ensure the readiness of stakeholders around the world, Visa announced in April an update to the originally communicated October 2017 implementation date for the Visa Claims Resolution initiative. Visa has provided a new date of April 2018 for implementation of Visa Claims Resolution.

The Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative seeks to simplify the way exceptions are processed and automate decisions by leveraging existing transaction data available in Visa’s Resolve Online application. To accomplish this Visa will reduce the number of chargeback reason codes, shorten the dispute lifecycle and introduce system edits to block invalid chargebacks.

Visa will simplify processes by consolidating the current 22 chargeback reason codes into 4 dispute categories:

New Category

Existing Reason Codes


(Allocation, 60 day lifecycle)

  • RC 62 Counterfeit Transaction
  • RC 81 Fraud Card-Present
  • RC 83 Fraud Card-Absent
  • RC 93 Merchant Fraud Performance Program


(Allocation, 60 day lifecycle)

  • RC 70 Card Recovery Bulletin or Exception File
  • RC 71 Decline Authorization
  • RC 72 No Authorization
  • RC 73 Expired Card
  • RC 78 Service Code Violation

Processing Error

(Collaboration, 65 day lifecycle)

  • RC 74 Late Presentment
  • RC 76 Incorrect Currency or Transaction code or Domestic Processing Violation
  • RC 77 Non-Matching Account Number
  • RC 80 Incorrect Transaction Amount or Account Number
  • RC 82 Duplicate Processing
  • RC 86 Paid for by other means

Consumer Disputes

(Collaboration, 65 day lifecycle)

  • RC 41 Cancelled recurring payments
  • RC 53 Not as Described/Defective
  • RC 85 Credit not processed
  • RC 30 Services not provided/Merchandise not received
  • RC 90 Non receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value at ATM


To learn more about the new Visa Claims Resolution Initiative, merchants can view our informational video.


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