Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Initiative, April 2018



As we announced earlier this year, Visa will be implementing a new chargeback process known as Visa Claims Resolution (VCR). Visa disputes will follow the new process starting April 14, 2018. Under the initiative, Visa aims to streamline the processing of disputes, expediting resolutions and eliminating invalid disputes.

Vantiv has been aggressively working towards readiness for this implementation date by:

  • Enhancing systems to accommodate the new allocation and collaboration workflows
  • Developing new processes for the Questionnaire that must be completed when responding to a dispute
  • Updating chargeback activity files to support new reason codes and action codes.

To facilitate these changes and ensure you make the necessary procedural changes to your dispute resolution process, we will be engaging with you monthly and we will be offering many training opportunities.

Here is what you can expect:





Dec ‘17


Communication: When and What are the VCR changes?


Jan ‘18


Communication: DRAFT - Chargeback Process & API Guides Available


Feb ‘18


Communication: Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Update on What to Expect 


Feb ‘18


Webinars  – Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Q&A


March ‘18


Communication: FINAL Chargeback Process & API Guides Available


Mar ‘18


Communication: VCR Fast Approaching – Training


Mar ‘18


Webinars – Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Training


Apr ‘18


Communication: Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Going Live


April 14, 2018


Deploy VCR to Production


Apr ‘18


Communication: Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Live




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