The new MerchantAdvantage website - your hub for all things payments

Getting the information is sometimes easier when you can just do it yourself. And the new Vantiv MerchantAdvantage website is designed with that in mind.


Getting the information you need when you need it is sometimes easier when you can just do it yourself. And the new Vantiv MerchantAdvantage website is designed with that in mind. 

A one-stop online destination for all things payments, MerchantAdvantage offers quick access to your payments and transaction questions. The site is organized into three sections for easy navigation: Products I Use; Resources; and News Center. From these categories, you can access information related to the specific payment solution(s) you use: POS (formerly Mercury Payments); Terminals (Vantiv platform); and Online Payments (eCommerce). 

The “Products I Use” tab includes information about accepting various payments types, identifying and tapping into revenue opportunities, leveraging financing to build your business, and implementing solutions to secure cardholder data and prevent payments fraud. 

On the “Resources” tab, you’ll find a wealth of support resources including FAQs, onboarding information, reference guides, technical documents, and training tools. Now, in addition to calling or emailing Vantiv support, you have the option of helping yourself with easy access to payments information, answers to common questions, education and training webinars. 

Be sure to check the “News Center” tab often, as it’s frequently updated with new developments in payments that can impact your business. In addition to payments industry news, you will find important alerts from the card networks, insightful articles, and the monthly newsletter. 

With the information you need, support you want, and tips and tricks to help grow your business, MerchantAdvantage has it all. Visit the site, bookmark it, and use it. 



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