Use Pins to win
the heart of customers

Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board? Pinterest has over 150 million monthly users and they are doing more than just pinning wedding ideas, favorite recipes or DIY projects. Regardless of your type of business, customers are using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.

According to a study from Millward Brown, 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product after seeing a related pin and 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase. Food and beverage is the topped pinned category on Pinterest making restaurants the perfect candidate for Pinterest marketing.

Getting started with building your presence on Pinterest doesn’t have to overwhelming, get started with these tips:

  • Create a board with recipes from your restaurant. Share recipes from your menu that your customers can easily replicate at home. Don’t just name the recipe board with a generic name, name it something related to your business. For example, a breakfast restaurant may want to create a board called “Eggscellent Energy Recipes.”
  • Help your customers solve problems. Have some tips and tricks for how your customers can be better chefs at home? Create a board dedicated to sharing kitchen hacks that any home cook might enjoy.
  • Highlight new/seasonal menu items. Are you adding a new item to your menu? Are you offering a seasonal food that’s available for a limited time? Promote these dishes on your Pinterest before you promote them anywhere else.
  • Get your customers involved in the creative process. Are you looking for new menu items? Create an open board and encourage your customers to pin recipes or foods they love to the board. Choose your favorite and actually add the item to your menu!
  • Share images that Pinterest users would be likely to re-pin. Pinners have unique preferences when it comes to images they are likely to pin to their own boards or repin. Here are some guidelines to make your images more shareable:
    1. Choose portrait style images rather than landscape. The ideal size is 600 pixels wide and 900 pixels tall.
    2. For Pinterest users, choosing the right color is key. Curalate reveals that reddish-orange photos are get twice as many repins as blue images.
    3. Focus on the food or beverages. Pinners prefer images that don’t have a face.

  • Keep the text in your pins short. 200-300 characters is the ideal character length to drive engagement.
  • Engage with other Pinners. Remember that social media is a two-way conversation. Follow and engage with other on Pinterest. Start by following restaurants you might admire or partner with. Follow other local businesses in your community. Pinners are more likely to follow you when they see that you engage with others.

Once you’ve started posting content to Pinterest, use their native analytics platform to find out what’s working best. See which posts are most liked, and even which ones drive more traffic to your website. Pinterest analytics can even tell you where the traffic to your Pinterest content is coming from. If the majority of your traffic is coming from a mobile device, make sure your restaurant’s website is optimized for mobile.


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